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His Heart's Desire (Book 2 in His Heart's Series)

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Author: Type:Female
Luke has sworn off love ever since he found out that his best friend and then girlfriend slept together. He loved Olivia and her betrayal cut him deep.
Now two years later he found himself face to face with the one woman he has spent the last two years trying to forget. But seeing her still so beautiful stirred something inside of him. He realized he still desires her. But her betrayal is forever ingrained in his memory and for that he can't want her...
There's just one thing...
She has a baby... No. Not one, but two babies...
His babies...
What happens when the past comes back to haunt Luke? Will he face the past so he can embrace the future Or will he allow his pride to get in the way in claiming the woman his heart desires?
Find out in His Heart's Desire. Book 2 in the His Heart's Series.
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