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Her Calling

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Author: Type:Female
[[a werewolf romance]]
Deceived and abandoned by her moon chosen mate Lerato leaves and tries to start a new life or at least have a break from the aching in her chest. Hiding behind his flashy title and family her moon chosen mate chooses to be with someone else.
Until Lerato bumps into his childhood friend turned enemy who turns out to be her second chance mate. Whose past is wrapped up with her moon chosen mate's. A past that evidently lead to his betrayal and her heartache.
What will become of her heart now that she knows her second chance only exists because of his past transgressions that lead her moon chosen to leave her for someone else.
What will her final decision be? To take what is rightfully hers, to stand by her moon chosen mate. Or to stand by her second chance?
It is all up to her, it is all her call.
Copyright © Mbalii 2018
((promise it's not as typical as it sounds.))
WARNING: this story is meant to take you on a heartbreak rollercoaster. so, buckle up!
#6 in Romance
#6 in Werewolf
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