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Fated Nirvana || Completed ✅

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The Fated Series. Book #1.
"A single minute without her in my arms and it felt like a lifetime." - Mateo Ramos
My name is Mateo Adam Ramos. I was born into a family who's bleed for their reputation, and built us into being one of the most dangerous families to exist. You hear my name... you run. I for one am determined to continue upholding that reputation because that's in my blood.
But things are never that simple, are they?
Feeling and emotions got involved, and everything I thought I knew, vanished the second I met her. A soft souled, beautiful brown eyed girl who gleams with goodness found her way into my life. I shouldn't have played the good samaritan, that was my fault. I don't want to know goodness, and yet I'm drawn in like it's the light to cure my sins. This goodness has a name, and a face of salvation and I for one know I shouldn't get involved.
Guess what I do? I get involved. Because even if I don't want too that's not really how fate works, is it? You don't pick and choose fates plan, you get slammed with it and good luck to your poor soul.
This is my story, the kind that was written years before I was even born, and now I'm living it. Watch me make a mess of it too, because after all, I wasn't born to follow.
P.S. This book is technically #1, but I have a book before this one that's about their parents. You learn more, and get a clue about their parents and why they are the way they are. Some of the conversations in this book would make more sense by knowing the past. It's not as well written, but if you can get thought it, I promise you'll love this one even more. Of course if you rather start here, then you do you! It will make sense either way! I tired to fill in all the gaps without it getting overbearing. You can always hop back to the book before this after.
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