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The Emperor and his lover (MxM)

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Author: Type:Female
Historical Romance (Weekly Update)
Wang Lei, a powerful and unbeatable Emperor of the Wang Dynasty. He is famous, and brave and people fear him. He is known to be a cold and strong warrior. At a young age, the responsibility of being a king of people fell on his shoulder. His whole life of planned by others, even his marriage. He got into an arranged marriage with Xin Ying. Most beautiful and pretty woman in the country, but why did he feel no love for her. They both were tied in a loveless marriage
Huang Dewei, the lover of the King's wife. He was heartbroken when the love of his life was forced into marriage with the Emperor. He hated the King and he wanted her back so he decided to enter the palace to take his revenge. He knew he was playing with fire but what will happen when the new feeling will develop and the person he hated the most turned out to be the person he loved the most? What will be the end between them?
Note: I do not own the picture in the cover.
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