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Victoriously Yours,

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"Why did you take me here? I don't think I'm allowed."
The white rocks bordered the cave with gleaming stones etched on the walls with paintings and drawings.
Yisrael stepped behind her and she felt the raw heat of the tall man. Suddenly the whole cave became small and claustrophobic.
"I wanted to show you this." His accent deep and foreign still now to her ears. It always startled her, making her shiver.
River moved her finger up to trace the drawings on the cave wall. They were of two people in different positions but bound together as if they, it couldn't be.
"These drawings...they are two people making love." She inhaled sharply.
His hands came from behind caging her to the wall and she felt him lean down to whisper in her ears.
"They aren't making love."
She bit her lip to control her moan. "Then?"
"They are fucking. Hard."
Amazon guide River Stone has found the rare Ibori race, covetous world of magic, valuables and deadly power hidden deep within the Amazon. Barreling together with her archeologist friend Christopher Rai, she reaches the sanctuary.
Yisrael Ibori, the first born of the clan is entrusted by his leader and father, Yuri to keep a careful watch over their 'guests'.
Dutifully, he does except his eyes keep straining to the movements of River's hips, the deep rise and fall of her ample chest and those luscious lips tempting him.
Victorious is what River felt when she finally witnessed the great lost moment in history but the piercing onyx eyes of Yisrael leaves her thinking there are somethings more precious and deep than lost valuable tribe.
Something that cannot be won by teasing and overthinking. The battle between the mind and heart enclosed with the war between themselves.
Will they win?
[The Seventh Book of V-series]
A standalone novel
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