《The Emperor and his lover (MxM)》Chapter Fifteen | Sword Fighting


Huang Dewei was standing in the corner while he was watching Wang Lei practising his sword for the past hour and he indeed was an amazing fighter. His skills were beyond anyone Huang Dewei had ever seen. You could tell he had been training from a young age and he deserved to be called leader and Emperor of this nation.

The sweat was forming over his forehead while his hand and feet were moving to make sword fighting moves while he was fighting with a person in front of him whereas all Huang Dewei could do was just stand and stares at him when someone stopped next to him. He looked up and saw Feng Zhi and they both greeted each other and then Huang Dewei looked away. They stood still in silence as there was awkwardness between them which was broken by Feng Zhi.

'Are you still angry with me about last night?' Feng Zhi asked and Huang Dewei glared at him.

'Yes.' Huang Dewei replied coldly as he glared towards him and somehow Feng Zhi found him to be cute. He could not help and smile

'Then I will apologise again. I will never repeat something like this again. I had a little alcohol before we met and I end up making mistakes which I should never have.' Feng Zhi gave a clarification and Huang Dewei's expressions slightly soften as he nodded his head

'Okay, I accept your mistake. We would be working together as well so it would be hard for me to work in awkwardness with you hence I forgive you. However, don't ever repeat that mistake again.' Huang Dewei said and a smile spread on Feng Zhi's face as he nodded his head and Hunag Dewei also smile in return. However, Wang Wei who was watching them from far away did not like the comfortable atmosphere between them.

Anger boiled inside him as he aggressively did his last move and throw the person on the ground while defeating him. The session came to the end and Wang Lei breathless looked towards them then he called out to Huang Dewei

'Come here Huang Dewei and next session I want to practice with you.' At Wang Lei's request, Huang Dewei was surprised but then he quickly run towards him. He got hold of his sword and stood straight in front of him. They looked at each other and then picked their swords up in the air and then attacked each other. Their moves were sharp and clear as they both attack and defend. Huang Dewei looked towards him as Wang Lei attacked and Huang Dewei quickly put his sword defending him when he heard Wang Lei.

'What you two were talking about?' Wang Lei asked as Huang Dewei attacked this time while answering him


'It does not seem like it was nothing to me.'Wang Lei replied as he defended himself and attacked him. Huang Dewei defended himself as he went into a circle and Wang Lei followed. He was quick and fast and Huang Dewei knew Wang Lei was a lot better than him.

'He was apologising for a mistake he made yesterday.' Huang Dewei replied as he was attacked and was turned over. He was pulled into Wang Lei's arms as his back hit Wang Lei. He used his sword to block Wang Lei's sword in front of him as he got trapped between Wang Lei's arms and sword.

'What mistake? That kiss between you two?'Wang Lei whispered asked breathless and Huang Dewei's eyes widen.


'How...how did you know?' Huang Dewei asked as he tried to free himself from his strong embrace.

'I happen to see that magnificent moment happening between you two. Why he was apologising? Did he call it a mistake?' Wang Lei taunted back while keeping him in his place as he did not want to lose the fight while Huang Dewei did not like the taunt in his tone.

'He did apologise, but he said he like it.' Huang Dewei replied back as he lied and then he heard nothing from him. He felt his grip losing and Huang Dewei decided to take this chance as he pushed him away, coming out from his grips and attacking him back. Wang Lei fell to the ground and Huang Dewei put the sword on his neck.

'Your highness, you should not keep your guard down like this. Enemies will attack.' Huang Dewei said as he proudly smirk for winning against Wang Lei whose expression was cold as ice.

'Did you like it back?' Wang Lei asked in an icy chilled filled tone as he glared up towards him and now it was Huang Dewei's turn to be taken back.


'I ask did you like it back as much he did it?' Wang Lei asked angrily as he pushed away his sword and stood up. Huang Dewei stares at him and then he spoke up the words which he regretted as usual.

'Did you like your night with Chen Ju last night then?' Huang Dewei waited for him to say but he did not so he gained courage and spoke up 'Are you not going to answer your highness. I am assuming you does by seeing that mark on your neck.' Huang Dewei said sarcastically not even hiding his jealousy this time.

'What if I say I did not like it then.' Wang Lei whispered out words and Huang Dewei surprised looked towards him for being truthful. He shocked stares towards him and then he softly let the words out

'I did not like the kiss either.' Huang Dewei said truthfully and Wang Lei's expression soften little but he said nothing as stood up and they just stares at each other when a servant came breaking the silence between them

'Your highness, your father wishes to meet you. He is waiting in pearl garden for you.' They heard the servant and looked towards him and then Wang Lei nodded his head while the servant bowed his head and walked off.

'Let's go. ' Wang Lei ordered Huang Dewei who nodded his head and they both also came out. They changed their clothes, cleaned themselves up and reached pearl garden where his father and previous Emperor of the nation, Wang Wei was waiting for them. Pearl garden was a beautiful garden area filled with greeny and flowers. In the middle, it had a sitting place which was surrounded by water all around it. It was a breathtaking place.

Wang Lei used the bridge to walk the water and reach his destination. He greeted his father respectfully and sat down in front of him on the floor which had soft carpets for their comfort. Huang Dewei quietly also followed Wang Lei and greeted Wang Wei then walked and just stood in the corner as he watched them.

'How come you wanted to meet me, father.' Wang Lei asked in cod hearted tone

'Why? A father can't come to meet his son.' Wang Wei said as he laughed wholeheartedly whereas Wang Lei did not even smile a bit


'I believe you know that does not apply to our relationships, my father. I know you are not here to just meet me.' Wang Lei said coldly and Wang Wei stopped laughing as he looked towards his son

'Don't be so heartless Wang Lei.'

'Just get to the point father. I have a lot to do.' Wang Lei said rudely and Huang Dewei felt like a third wheel. He should not have come. He wonders why Wang Lei got him here with him. Huang Dewei was thinking when he saw Wang Wei looking up towards him and Huang Dewei freeze. He looked down but he could feel his intense gaze on him like he was checking him out.

'Who is that pretty man?' Wang Wei asked as he was interestingly looking at Huang Dewei and Wang Lei looked towards his father and sighed. He could see the lust in his father's eyes which always come out upon seeing pretty things, especially pretty young men and it was nothing new to Wang Lei.

'He is my personal bodyguard and doesn't even think about anything vulgar. He is out of your reach.' Wang Lei said giving warning with it and Wang Wei looked at his son ad frowned. He was a weird character and not at all like him. He was like his mother and he hated that. Wang Wei thought hatefully as he was reminded of Wang Lei's mother when a servant came with herbal tea. She walked and put it on the table in front of them and walked off. Wang Lei was about to make the tea for his father when he heard him.

'You come and made tea for us.' Wang Wei called out to Huang Dewei and ordered him who was confused first but then he nodded his head and quickly run. Wang Lei angrily and annoyed looked away because he knew his father's true intention. He never back off once he wanted someone. Huang Dewei made the tea and he hold out the cup towards Wang Wei to hold it which he did, but Wang Wei's rubbed Huang Dewei's hand in the process.

Huang Dewei's eyes widened with shock as he did not like his touch and he quickly pulled away from his hand and got hold of Wang Lei's robe tightly and moved closer to him like he was his saving spot. Wang Lei did not notice that incident as he was angrily looking in the other direction whereas Wang Wei also surprised over Huang Dewei's reaction. It was normal to be shocked but instead of getting away from the place he moved closer to Wang Lei and it was surprising for Wang Wei.

Huang Dewei nervously looked at Wang Wei who took a sip from his tea and then he gained courage and moved then made tea for Wang Lei this time. He gave it towards him which he got hold of it and signed him to go away.

'Is he your lover?' Wang Wei asked and Wang Lei looked towards him

'What nonsense is this now. Just get to your point.' Wang Lei said angrily

'If you are involved with him sexually then I would be proud. No need to hide it. I don't mind you sleeping around. Have anyone you wanted to have. After all, you are Emperor of this nation.' Wang Lei said as he smile and Wang Lei wanted to get rid of that ugly smile from his father's face

'As a Emperor of this nation, I have a lot more important stuff to do than sleep around whoever I wanted to.' Wang Lei replied in a strong calm tone.

'Anyway, once you got bored of him then send him to me. He would be fun to play around with. He is pretty.' Wang Wei said and Wang Lei could not help and felt disgusted with his father but he said nothing in response

'I think we should go back to our conversation. Why are you here father?' Wang Lei said as he went back to their conversation

'Well, then I will get to the point. The issue with boys going missing, don't bother too much with it.' Wang Lei said as he started off the conversation.

'Feng Zhi is investigating that.' Wang Lei lied that only Feng Zhi was working on it

'Then removed him. There is no investigation needed.' Wang Wei ordered as he took a sip from his tea.

'Why? Are you involved or know something about it?' Wang Lei asked suspiciously

'Just do as I say. Those kids wanted to be dead. They used their bodies.' Wang Wei said and Wang Lei felt angry.

'Don't tell me you also bought them since you have a disgusting hobby of sleeping with young kids.'

'What's so bad in that? I pay them and they also enjoy it. It is a sign of power and money. You should do it too.'

'I am no interested in that disgusting hobby was sleeping with underage kids for my pleasure.' Wang Lei replied coldly as he clenched hard to suppress his anger.

'You think too much Wang Lei. There is nothing wrong.' Wang Wei replied shamelessly

'Yeah, nothing wrong just the way you were drinking and buying these kids on the night my mother died.' Wang Lei screamed painfully and Wang Wei furiously glared at his son and then he throw the hot tea he was drinking on his face. Wang Lei's face burned and Huang Dewei forcefully stopped himself not to run and check on him because he does not know what they were talking about but it does seem like they were having a very heated argument they were having and Huang Dewei could not dare get between them.

'Shut up...Just do as I say. No further investigation is needed.' Wang Wei shouted as he angrily stood up '... and also make sure to your other job as well which is providing spring to my Generation and gave birth to future Emperor. Do what you are needed to be done and don't a needle in useless staff.' Wang Wei screamed ordered him and walked out without looking back.

Huang Dewei slowly walked towards him and sat down as he gained courage and called out to him.

'Your highness...'

'Leave me alone Huang Dewei. I wanted to be left alone.' Wang Lei whispered begged softly and did not even look towards him, Huang Dewei stares at him and spoke up

'How I can leave you when you are in a pain, your highness.'

'Just ignore my pain like others and go away. I need some time alone.' Wang Lei said as he still did not look towards him and this time Huang Dewei nodded his head then stood up and walked off leaving him all alone in his worry, pain and agony.

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