《The Emperor and his lover (MxM)》Chapter Eight| Keep Calling My Name


Huang Dewei sighed as he looked at Qi Zixin who was arguing with a man standing in front of him. He was asking for a bargain on apples for the past ten minutes. Huang Dewei regretted coming here as he was feeling worse. Wang Lei send him to the guard palace to rest for a day but he found Qi Zixin who asked him if he was free to come to market with him. Huang Dewei had made the plan of coming to market with him today so he could not say no and now he was regretting it. The pain in the wound was increasing as he felt dizzier and nuisance.

'Come on Qi Zixin, we should go now.' Huang Dewei said in tried tone and Qi Zixin looked towards him.

'He is not decreasing the price. These apples are over price.' Qi Zixin replied as Huang Dewei sighed then he took out the full amount of money and gave it to the shopkeeper

'I have paid it, now please let's go.' Huang Dewei said as he walked off and Qi Zixin glared at the happy shopkeeper then quickly followed him.

'You should not have done that. He will think he is right.' Qi Zixin complained as the weather got a little windy and the sky got darker as they heard the sound of loud thunder.

'The weather is getting worse and I just want to go back.' Huang Dewei replied ignoring his complaint. Qi Zixin said nothing and stopped at another food stall. They bought some more dry fruits for themselves to eat when suddenly the weather got worse and suddenly it's started raining.

'I think we should head back to guard the palace.' Huang Dewei said and Qi Zixin nodded his head as they took the path back to the royal guard palace. The rain was pouring down as they reached back to the guard palace completely soaked in rain. They both went back to their room.

Huang Dewei closed the door behind him as he put the bag of fruits and snacks aside. He walked towards his bed and fell on it. He quickly covered himself with a blanket and painfully whined. His wounds got worse and due to rain and coldness, he got a fever.

As the night slowly took over, it was still heavily raining outside. Huang Dewei was shivering and felt helpless as he was all alone. He could feel increasing pain in his wound. He regretted going out with Qi Zixin in his condition. He should have rest. The time slowly passed as dinner time came and he missed it. He heard Qi Zixin knocking on his door but he mumbled that he was not hungry in his half-sleep and half-conscious condition. Qi Zixin said nothing and walked off.

Huang Dewei felt his eyes felt heavy as his head was bursting with pain. He was feeling hungry but he did not feel like eating. His wet clothes had not completely dried down and he knew he needed to change them but he did not have enough courage to get up and change his clothes. He felt so weak when there was a knock on his door.

'It's Cheng. I am sent by his highness to give you herbal paste for your wound.' He heard a heavy sound and Huang Dewei sighed. He can't send him away as he needed that herb paste for his wound. He sighed as he heard a knock. He forced himself to come out from his bed then walked towards his door and opened it. Cheng looked at his bad condition and was taken back


'Are you alright?' Cheng asked

'Yes, I am fine. Thank you for your service.' Huang Dewei replied as he took the herb paste from his hand and closed the door. He quickly went back to his bed and sat down on it. He opened the herb paste then opened his robe to applied it to his wound but he struggle.

His eyes opened and closed as he felt dizzy. He put the herb paste at a side and fell down on the bed again as he whined in pain. He quickly covered himself as he tried to warm himself. He felt more annoyed and irritated now. He needed someone to be here with him yet he had no one. He suddenly felt like crying. The pain in his wound was killing him and for that, he needed to put herb paste on it to feel some relief but he was even helpless to do that. Huang Dewei sighed bitterly as he heard a knock. He wanted to scream because why did someone keep disturbing him when he heard another knock. He forced himself to got up and angrily opened the door

'What is it?' He barked angrily and then he froze in his place as he saw who was standing on his door frame.

'Oh god, I am sorry, your highness.' Huang Dewei quickly said as he bow down in apology but he felt dizzy. He was about to fall down when he felt Wang Lei arms around his waist while he fell in his arms

'I got you.' He heard him softly whispering and Huang Dewei looked up towards him.

'Cheng was right. You don't look fine.' Wang Lei said as he moved forwards closing the door behind and then he picked him up in bridal style. Huang Dewei was beyond shocked as he stares at his face who walked towards the bed and put him on the bed. Is Huang Dewei imaging him? Has he lost his mind to imagine that Wang Lei, the Emperor of Wang Dynasty would be here for him? Huang Dewei was deep in his thoughts when he felt a warm hand over his forehead

'You are burning.' Wang Lei said as he inspected him and Huang Dewei amazed looked towards him.

'I am fine, your highness.' Huang Dewei said in a weak tone.

'You have not even changed your clothes. No wonder you got a fever. Why do you even go outside when I send you to go back and rest.' Wang Lei asked in authority tone

'Because firstly I promise to Qi Zixin. And secondly, If I said no he would have asked the reason why I am not going and I don't want anyone finding out about my wound. You said this mission is between you and me, your highness so I can't let anyone know about it.' Huang Dewei confessed the reason and Wang Lei looked towards him

'You are stupid. You could have made a lie to him.' Wang Lei said disappointed and Huang Dewei said nothing in response

'Anyway, I will change your clothes now. You need to be put in warm clothes first before treating your fever.' Wang Lei said and untied his robe. He changed his clothes while Huang Dewei sat still watching him. He was not fully conscious but he could feel his warm hands touching his naked flesh. He stood still as he let him do what he was doing. Once Wang Lei was done changing his clothes, he made him lie down and covered him in a blanket. Wang Lei moved his hand and touched his forehead which was burning. He needed cold water and cloth which he could use to decrease his fever.


Wang Lei got up and came out of his room. It was a night of cold weather hence everyone was inside their rooms. Wang Lei climbed down the stairs and walked inside the cafeteria. He walked towards the kitchen and the people present looked up towards him surprised and shocked then quickly bow down to him. There were two middle-aged women probably kitchen staff finishing up their last duties before they could go home.

'Welcome, your highness. How we can help you?' One of the women said respectfully as they looked up towards him

'I need cold water in a bowl and a piece of cloth.' Wang Lei ordered and they both nodded their head and went to get the stuff he asked for. They came back with a bowl of water and peace of cloth and handed it over to him. Wang Lei got hold of it as he spoke up

'Good work.' Wang Lei said then he turned over but stopped and looked back towards them again ' Is everything alright with working here? If you got any complaints do let me know about them?' Wang Lei said and they both nodded their head as one of them spoke up

'Everything is fine, your highness. You send your assistant Cheng weekly to ask about the progress and complaints at work from us. We all are happy and everything is fine.' Wang Lei felt satisfied with her response, just nodded his head and walk off. Both women looked at each other surprised asking why his highness was here at this time instead of being in his room. They both decided to follow him and saw him entering Huang Dewei's room. They both looked at each other then went back to their work station while thinking why he was here? Why the Emperor was here in the cheap room of his servant guard. It does not make sense but it does raise gossip.

Wang Lei walked and sat down on the bed next to him and looked towards him whose eyes were shut close. He dripped the cloth in cold water then put it on his forehead. With the feeling of something cold on his forehead, Huang Dewei eyes flew open and looked at Wang Lei.

'Hang in there. You will be fine.' Wang Lei said and Huang Dewei weakly nodded his head then closed back his eyes. Wang Lei continued what he was doing and repeat the process many times afterwards. It was the middle of the night, Wang Lei started feeling tried and sleepy but he sat still doing his job

'Your highness, I am fine now. You must be tried now. Just leave it and have some rest.' Huang Dewei softly whispered concern and Wang Lei looked towards him who responded back

'I can't leave you here like this.' Huang Dewei said nothing as silence took place between them. As the night slowly progress, it got colder and Huang Dewei felt that coldness. He was shivering as he spoke up

'It's cold, your highness.' Huang Dewei whispered called to help weakly and Wang Lei looked towards him.

'Warm me up, Wang Lei.' Huang Dewei begged as he took his name instead of calling him his highness in his unconsciousness and Wang Lei surprised looked towards him when he heard his name from his lips. Wang Lei was shocked while he sat still.


'Your highness, help me.' Huang Dewei said coming back to calling him his highness as Wang Lei came back to his senses then got up. He himself can feel the cold as he looked around and saw a fireplace that had no fire. He walked towards it and found there were no woods. Usually, it's the job of the manager of the Royal guard palace to put woods in the rooms for all guards. Guards health comes first so Wang Lei was angry and furious upon seeing no woods in the fireplace. Wang Lei sighed annoyed when Huang Dewei depressant called out to him.

'Your highness...' Wang Lei quickly walked back towards him and saw him shivering. He thought for a while then moved and got inside the bed.

'It's going to be fine. I am here.' Wang Lei said as he laid down next to him, pulled him in his arms and hugged him. Huang Dewei responded back as he hugged him back and put his face into his chest to warm himself. His body heat made Huang Dewei stop shivering as Wang Lei hugged him tightly. He put his legs around him to warm his bottom as he trapped Huang Dewei's body between his arms and legs. It was useful because Huang Dewei felt even warmer while he could hear Wang Lei's heart beating inside his chest. They laid together as there was complete silence in the room.

'Huang Dewei....' Wang Lei whispered called out to his name and Huang Dewei looked up towards him as they stared at each other

'Yes, your highness.'

'Call my name.' Wang Lei asked and he himself did not know why he was asking but somehow he had a desire to hear his name again from Huang Dewei's lips

'Wang Lei...' Huang Dewei whispered softly

'Call my name again.' Wang Lei ordered as he touched his lips and Huang Dewei weakly smile

'Wang Lei...' Huang Dewei said back instantly as he put back his head on his cheat

'Call my name again, Huang Dewei...'

'Wang Lei...'

'Keep calling my name.' Wang Lei said

'Wang Lei...Wang Lei...Wang Lei... Wang Lei....' Huang Dewei did as he was told and kept repeating his name as they both closed their eyes and soon fell into a deep sleep.

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