《The Emperor and his lover (MxM)》Chapter Eleven | Lie and Punishment


Huang Dewei annoyed signed as he walked away leaving Wang Lei and Feng Zhi behind. He felt angry at Wang Lei's behaviour when someone stopped in front of him. He stopped in his tracks and looked up towards the maid servant lady who stopped in front of him.

'You are Huang Dewei?' She asked as she looked him from up to down while Huang Dewei spoke up as he nodded his head

'Yes, I am.'

'You need to come with me then.' The maid said and Huang Dewei looked towards her confused

'Why? and where?'

'Concubine of Emperor, Ai Cong wanted to see you.' The servant replied and started walking while confused and puzzled Huang Dewei just followed her. He followed her towards her residence which was a huge place that provided all types of luxury she could desire. Huang Dewei silently followed that maidservant as entered inside the residence hall and then entered inside a huge room.

Huang Dewei looked around the room in amazement as it was a very rich luxurious room. The huge bed in the middle which was covered with gold cover bedsheets, long gold colour curtains on the huge window aside, the gold colour carpet on the floor, the white-painted walls, wooden made huge closet at the side and red colour sofa in the corner on which an insanely beautiful young woman was sitting. That woman must be Ai Cong.

Ai Cong looked up towards Huang Dewei and then stood up from her place and she slowly walked towards Huang Dewei as she took in his presence.

'Well, what's so great about you? You look ordinary.' Ai Cong said while Huang Dewei was taken back from her insult and also was confused regarding the fact why she was attacking him.

'May I ask why you wanted to see me?' Huang Dewei asked still being respectful after all end of the day, she was the King's mistress.

'I heard, his highness was with you yesterday night. Is that right?' Ai Cong asked and Huang Dewei was still puzzled as he nodded his head and replied to her


'Well, I am surprised that you seem not wanted to hide that you spend last night with his highness. I am assuming you don't seem scared by others to find out about your secret relationship.' Ai Cong said sarcastically and Huang Dewei was confused and then everything made sense to him. Do they misunderstand that he and his highness share some kind of intimate relationship? Huang Dewei eyes widen

'We share only professional relationships.' Huang Dewei quickly replied back in his defend

'Yeah, professionally relationships that involve you getting in bed with his highness in your personal room.' Ai Cong replied bitterly and sarcastically and Huang Dewei turned red on the description of their relationship.

'I have said there was nothing like this.'

'Well, I have a witness who saw his highness going into your room late at night and staying there.' Ai Cong said as she made him look towards two women standing in the corner of the room and Huang Dewei right away recognised them because those two ladies work in the Royal guard palace cafeteria.

'You have misunderstood. Those are baseless rumours. His highness was there to take care of me because I was not feeling well.' Huang Dewei said as he tried to explain the whole situation and clear up the misunderstanding.

'You think, the Emperor of this nation have time to take care of his slave without a reason. Stop lying.' Ai Cong screamed angrily and glared towards him and Huang Dewei bites his lips because he felt embarrassed and worried. The whole situation seems to be getting out of control. Why this was happening to him?


'Tell me truthfully, how does it feel like being held by him...Don't worry and you can share with me. Tell me about your intimate last night. He never had even touched me so I wonder why you? How you are better than me? So tell me how does it feel like being with him?' Ai Cong asked as she soften her tone this time and Huang Dewei was still very uncomfortable.

'It's nothing...Please stop with your misunderstanding.' Huang Dewei replied helplessly while Ai Cong stares at him

'You lying f**cker, you look disgusting... and so cheap. Why would he want to sleep with someone like you...' Ai Cong said as she insulted him and now Huang Dewei was getting angry. She smirks as stares towards him with disgust.

'And yet he decided to hold me in his arms then choosing you.' Huang Dewei replied confidently as he stares straight into her eyes and her smirk disappeared. Huang Dewei felt proud because he was hating that proud smirk on her face.

'What?' Ai Cong whispered shocked and now it was time for Huang Dewei to smirk

'You are right, I am his highness dirty little secret and greatest fantasy... I am at that cheap person he was dying to hold in his arms and make love to him all night...There are marks he left of his passion and desire all over my body, do you want me to show it to you?' Huang Dewei lied as he looked straight into her eyes and saw her getting very angry and furious with his words.

Huang Dewei knew he was lying but who cares because it was not like she was going to tell anything to Wang Lei. As much Huang Dewei knows, Wang Lei has never done anything to her...not even touching so it means they most likely don't share an intimate loving type relationship. She will never be going to confront Wang Lei anyway.

The only reason she calls Huang Dewei here is that she does not have enough courage to go and ask Wang Lei about the rumours. She just wanted to scare Huang Dewei to stay away from Wang Lei because she thinks of him as a cheap slave who those rich people can use and order however they wanted to. For now, all he cares about was making that woman jealous of him despite the fact she thinks of herself as being in high status than Huang Dewei and thinks of him as a cheap slave.

'You piece of shit...His highness going to get tired of you soon anyway and will throw you away like garbage in the bin.' Ai Cong screamed angrily as her hand flew and she slapped him across the face leaving mark on his face. Huang Dewei was taken back and get humiliated for getting slapped in front of others, but he did not give up.

'At least I still will be garbage that was once desired by him, unlike others who will throw away without even being desired by him.' Huang Dewei taunted coldly as he glared back towards her and Ai Cong knew he was talking about her because she has never been held by Wang Lei despite being his mistress for years. Her hand flew again and she slapped him again...and the again. All Huang Dewei could do and take it silently because he still was just a slave.

'Shut up.' She was shaking with anger by now.

'Enough...I will not take this disrespect from anyone... especially not from some cheap servant.' Ai Cong screamed angrily then pulled Huang Dewei with him and walked out. Her maids also followed him then she furiously walked pulling Huang Dewei with him. Huang Dewei was confused about where they were going while they came out from her place and kept walking when he saw Wang Lei's office chamber resident. Now it was time for Huang Dewei to get panicked. Did he bluff too much? Where they were going? I hope she was not taking him to Wang Lei? What about his lie? If he found out what Huang Dewei told her then what he will think? Huang Dewei was deep in thought as he was panicking they entered Wang Lei's office chamber building. His worst fears came to true and he felt his soul had left his body.


Where Ai Cong kept walking with pride and anger and Huang Dewei's heart was rapidly beating. He should never have done that? End of the day, he still was a slave and she was his mistress. Even if he had some kind of relationship with him and she don't, she still would hold more power than him and what about the scenario where he lied about the relationship. He felt he was deep in trouble while they reached his chamber, she opened the door, entered inside and she throw him on the floor in front of him. Her maids were left outside as the door was closed behind them

With the sound of someone falling down on the floor, Wang Lei looked up and saw Ai Cong angrily standing while Huang Dewei was bowing down on the floor ashamed and humiliated.

'What is this?' Wang Lei asked in his authority tone

'You should teach your sex toy some manner, your highness.' Ai Cong said as he glared towards Huang Dewei who closed his eyes out of embarrassment at her words and Wang Lei was confused

'What?' Huang Dewei heard Wang Lei confused voice and he really wanted to vanish away from here...from the earth.

'I believe your taste had gone cheap but that does not mean he has right to insult me. ' Ai Cong said and Wang Lei looked towards Huang Dewei who was sitting looking down towards the ground and he spoke up

'Look up towards me.' Wang Lei ordered Huang Dewei who closed his eyes then bites his lips. He should really die? Why did he have to lie?

'Huang Dewei...I said look up.' He heard Wang Lei's serious ordeal tone and he slowly looked up and his badly beaten red face came into his view. There were slap marks all over his face and Wang Lei knew Ai Cong was the one who slapped him. Wang Lei stares towards him and angrily clenched his fists.

'You don't want me so I understand but I am not here to get insulted by someone cheap who you choose as a replacement to fulfil your sexual needs. You might get thrilled by someone as cheap as him but I will not take any insult.' Ai Cong said in extreme anger and Wang Lei looked up towards him.

'Where did you hear about the rumours of me and him?' Wang Lei interrogated

'From the women in the cafeteria. They saw you getting into his room and he accepted himself with his mouth proudly as well.' Ai Cong answered and in her words, Huang Dewei was ashamed as he bites his lips whereas Wang Lei surprised looked towards him as he saw him biting and by now he knew he bites when he gets into unexpected situations where he gets embarrassed or nervous.

'He accepted himself?' Wang Lei asked dumbfounded and Huang Dewei cursed himself for being dumb and stupid.

'Yes, he proudly announces himself being your dirty little secret and greatest fantasy.' Ai Cong replied and Huang Dewei turned red with embarrassment. Why the fuck he bluffed so much in front of her.

'You said that Huang Dewei .' Wang Lei asked from Huang Dewei and somehow Huang Dewei did not feel anger or shame from his tone but his tone seemed to be a little amused like he was enjoying it.

'Yes...and I am sorry.' Huang Dewei whispered replied as he felt his gaze down when he felt his hand coming under his chin and he made him lookup


'Well, he is right...' Wang Lei whispered as he softly touched his red cheeks and Huang Dewei was taken back...he thought Wang Lei will deny it and will tell the whole truth to Ai Cong.

'But next time don't even dare to touch him...don't ever hit him.' Wang Lei said as he coldly glared towards Ai Cong and it was her turn to be surprised and scared. She quickly nodded her head while Huang Dewei was also taken back from his reply

'However, I understand your point of view as well. Whatever is our relationship, he should not disrespect you either so you can give him whatever punishment you wanted to.' Wang Lei said to Ai Cong who nodded her head as a smile spread across her face.

'Well, today a cleaning of the pool at south side is happening. It would be helpful if he can go and help there as a punishment.' Ai Cong said and Huang Dewei's eyes widen because that means working in water and it was not good for his wound. Wang Lei knew about his wound and he cares for him because last night was proof so he hopes he will not send him there. He thought they both looked towards Wang Lei who looked deep in thought and then with one last gaze towards Huang Dewei he spoke up

'Okay, that's fine. Huang Dewei goes and helps those people in the pool as your punishment.' Wang Lei said and Huang Dewei was shocked. He thought he cares for him whereas Ai Cong felt proud of her accomplishment of causing Huang Dewei pain. Wang Lei did that to show Huang Dewei he should never lie about something like this again. If others in the palace find out they will eat him up.

'Then you can go and have rest. Keep this secret with you.' Wang Lei said as he looked towards Ai Cong who smile and nodded her head. She turned over to walk out when he heard Wang Lei again

'And those two women in the cafeteria...tell them they are fire. People who spread rumours in the palace regarding Emperor have no place here for them.' Wang Lei ordered and Ai Cong and Huang Dewei surprised looked towards him but then Ai Cong nodded her head and walked out leaving them behind.

'Don't even lie about something like this again Huang Dewei. People in the palace will eat you up otherwise. ' Wang Lei said as he advised him

'Why?' Huang Dewei asked

'Have you never been into love Huang Dewei?' Wang Lei asked as they looked dead in each other eyes

'Yes, I have been.' Huang Dewei decided to answer truthfully as he thought of Xin Ying.

'Don't that person have control over you?' Wang Lei asked and Huang Dewei was still confused.

'Relationships are all about power and control, Huang Dewei. Some days you have control over your partner and other days they have it over you. For example; To some extent in situations when you ask their opinion and trust them to make your decisions.' Wang Lei explained and Huang Dewei nodded his head as he was carefully listening to him.

'Well, that is the same reason. I have never been with someone out of my own will hence if there is a person I choose to have sexual relations with, everyone else will think I am in love with that person and will think he holds power over me. You would be a bigger threat to them than I am because you would be the one who holds control over me. Everyone wanted to have control over me Huang Dewei whether it's through love or children because having control over me will give them whatever they want.' Wang Lei explained and Huang Dewei was surprised looking towards him as he nodded his head. They stare at each other in complete silence which was broken by Huang Dewei


'But if I will be with you then the only thing I want from you is love not control.' Huang Dewei said innocently and Wang Lei could not help and smile

'It's not that you will plan to have control over me Huang Dewei. You will unconsciously hold control over me. My decision will be affected by your opinions and actions. Even just now two people got fired because they made rumours regarding you and me and made your life hard. If they kept their mouth shut, Ai Cong would not have hit you and given you punishment and that would not have made me angry.' Wang Lei explained to him softly and Huang Dewei nodded his head while understanding still without realising that Wang Lei just confessed to him that he hold control over him or that he got angry that he was hurt because of others. Wang Lei could not help and smile then leaned back on his chair as he opened back the file

'Now go and complete your punishment. The other plan for tonight is cancelled because I don't think you will be able to do anything else after working in the pool at day. That plan will take plan now in next few days.' Wang Lei told him and Huang Dewei nodded his head as slowly his previous words make more sense to him and shocked looked up towards him. He just realised that Wang Lei confessed that he fired those two women because of him. He was shocked but could not ask him anything so he just got up and walked out.

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