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Attending a Vampire School

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Author: Type:Female
Saige Morris thought that moving to a new town for her mother's job transfer would do no harm to her high school experience. But she was being terribly naïve. Wintercrest, the creepy new town she moves too, keeps dangerous mythical creatures hidden from human eyes.
With much shock, she learns all too quick that blood-sucking vampires do in fact exist. It's the beginning of her Senior year and she is determined not to die at the hands of the very attractive vampires. Which is rather difficult to do when she starts to have feelings for the very dangerously alluring Carson Gray.
He's rude, he's unpredictable, and most of all, he's the vampire who's willing to protect Saige from the menacing threats of Wintercrest Academy. Well, not at first.
#2 Vampire
Copyright © 2015, within_days
Warning: mature themes and dangerously attractive vampires
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