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Call me kitten (boyxboy love) ✓

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Jamie is happy with life, he has everything under control and every day is the same, just like he wants it. He is a loner by choice, girlfriends and friends are overrated. Or so he thinks.
But when the new co-worker starts to hit on him it all starts to crumble. The co-worker is sexy as hell, confident and totally out of his league. And a guy.
This starts a journey into new aspects of life. To learn how to let go of control, to embrace the darkest desires without fear. And to fall in love with someone that calls you kitten.
*The sequel is out - Make me beg*
== Disclaimer ==
# This is a boy x boy story
# Contains explicit language and content (+18!!)
# Contains acts of BDSM, so if you're not into that, beware (those chapters will begin with a warning)
== Links ==
Inspiration pictures (+18, NSFW!!!):
Call me kitten Spotify playlist:
== Rankings ==
Jul 19 2022: #20 IN #ROMANCE
Nov 29 2021: #1 IN #GAYROMANCE
Oct 24 2021: #1 IN #MXM
Oct 22 2021: #29 IN #BOYXBOY
Oct 10 2021: #3 IN #GAYLOVE
(and I apologise for any misspelled words and incorrect grammar ^o^ )
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