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Devil's Rebellious Queen

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Author: Type:Female
Spin-off of 'Back For Her'. It can be read as a stand alone.
"I wish I could rearrange the letters of the alphabet. I would place U and I together."
"That has got to be the lamest pick-up line in existence."
"Don't worry. That's just plan A."
"So what's plan B?"
"To take you hostage."
He's the devil, as they say.
These words are mild in describing him. He is Enzo Romano. The Devil.
She's the rebel, as they say.
These words accurately define her. She is Xena King. The Rebel.
Enzo abducts Xena to claim her as his. His obsession. His love. His Queen. He can lay the world beneath her feet just to see a glimpse of her dazzling smile. On the other hand, Xena is not so keen in being kidnapped by the most merciless mafia leader. She will try her best to escape him. After all, she is a rebel.
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