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Hunting His Prey

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Author: Type:Male
My name is Penny North, I'm a Werewolf. The daughter to the Alpha of the pack. I never liked the traditions of the pack, so when just before I turned seventeen and became a fully grown Were, I took off in the middle of the night. With the help of my Uncle, I found a place to work and live with his human friend. Now I live in the real world, a state away, fare from my father and pack. There's only one problem, I've been having dreams of Him hunting me down.
I don't want to think about it, but unfortunately, I have a feeling deep in my soul they are more than mere dreams. I'm certain I'm having visions of what's to come, and if that is the case I'm in so much trouble....
My name is Zane, I am the son of the Alpha's best friend in our pack. I used to be close with his daughter, we were best friends as children. However, I had to leave at twelve years old, for training just like every other male Were in our pack. It's important, and though I never wanted to leave her, I knew I had to. Now, I'm back only she isn't here when I return. She ran away from this life. Being the best tracker her father asks me to find her. I agree on one condition, she is mine when we return. He grudgingly agrees as he saw someone else for her. Now it's time I hunt my Prey and bring the girl I've always loved back home...
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