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Their Human

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"I haven't made a promise in over a hundred years but I'm promising you this, if you harm one hair on her head, I will end you all and I will do so smiling while I bathe in your blood."
After the government captured the most wanted man in the world, Akielia Rutherford, a scientist that has been waiting for an opportunity like this her whole career gets chosen to be the researcher and caretaker of the man.
But what if he's not the only one behind all of those murders and what if he's not a man but something else?
And what happens when Akielia learns that her soul is linked with theirs and has to go back with them to their own homeland where supernatural creatures are a normal thing and where humans are seen as nothing but enemies?
Will she run back to her normal life and ignore the bond or will she fall deep into the pit of love for the twins while fighting for her right to be the ruler of the whole supernatural realm alongside them?
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