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The Vale

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Camille Stark is a teenage girl with unknown special powers, she got into a lot of trouble with her friends. Her lifestyle isn't exactly healthy.
One morning, her parents informed her she was going on a trip but somehow, they arrived at a large school not exactly hidden in the woods. THE VALE.
To the outsiders, The Vale is just a normal boarding school for troubled kids but to the insiders, it's a school for people with special powers just like Camille.
For someone whose life was almost perfect in her own way, Camille doesn't kno how to fit in with her new life especially when everyone is constantly looking at her.
"Late on your first day, Miss Stark?" Professor Holme says. I hate this new school, my old teachers didn't care about how punctual I was.
"Am sorry, I woke up late and got lost, everywhere look the same," I reply. The whole place looks exactly the same.
"Brianna, Lianna?" Professor Holme signal to my tour guides.
They look like super twins in the same uniform, same hairstyle, the only thing different is the color of their hair and their face.
They turn their head at the same time to look at me. "We did our jobs, didn't we, Camille?" They say at the same.
"Creepy, and yeah they did," I mutter. I hate this place, everyone is creepy and weird. it's like everyone is always looking at me.
"Looks like Roman's got a new lab partner," Professor Holme smiles.
Brie and Leah gives me a sympathetic look and a thumbs up.
I look at the corner of the lab to see him scowling at the Professor. Leah and Brie warned me about him, ROMAN.
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