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Friends Don't

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Author: Type:Female
Ellie Knight has her whole future planned out for her, but instead, she chooses to go away to college to get away from that future; the one her parents created in their minds.
When her best friend, Lana, drags her to a party she runs into Grayson Pierce. Just by looking at him it is obvious why girls throw themselves at him.
Ellie shrugs Grayson off thinking she will never see him again, but when Lana begins dating Derek she finds out him and Grayson are best friends, and never seeing him again isn't an option.
As Ellie and Grayson begin to spend more time together a friendship builds, and even though others think it's more, or should be more, Ellie is adamant they're just friends.
WARNING: This story contains language and sexual content.
Cover artist: @anna_arturovna_
#1 (youngadultromance)
•07-02-20 •07-07-20
#1 (relationship)
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