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World Of Heroes

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Author: Type:Male

"I might be a hero, but I'm not a pacifist. I am not someone who uses the power of peace and friendship to defeat evil. I became a monster to fight monsters, and you just awakened the one inside me."- Kurayama Ishigami
After being kidnapped and sent to the most godforsaken places on earth "Laboratory 5" and experiencing its unspeakable horrors for years, Kurayama Ishigami finally escapes and tries to relive his life as an average human. Only for that to fail.
Faced against a world filled with superpowers, dangerous criminals, hypocritical heroes, and the unknown, with only a handful of people he could trust. Kurayama has no choice but to face this world head-on with the help of his few allies.
Follow Kurayama Ishigami as he tries his best to survive in this overly dangerous and hypocritical "World Of Heroes".

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