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Married By Chance

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Author: Type:Female
This book is a sequel and continuation. In order to understand it, you have to read 'Partners By Chance' first.

"I vow to always be there, to always listen and to always hold you close. I will love, honour, respect, encourage and cherish you, In sickness and health, for better or worse, through sorrow and success, for all the days my life."
After Amelia Smith and Liam Black became partners, a lot happened. Her friends and his became friends and they all formed the most amazing friendship ever and most importantly, they fell in love.
Unfortunately, being an heiress to a multi-billionaire comes with responsibilities and as a result, Amelia had to make a big sacrifice.
Join her on her second journey with her friends, lots of drama, parties, university life, wifey duties, more craziness and the hottest husband ever.
With having to give up something that special and all that is going on, will she loose herself along the way?
Or will she end up finding something so much better than what she has lost?
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