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When We Were Wallflower

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Author: Type:Female

"Am I imagining it..."

" was it even real, to begin with.."

Harold is a charismatic and handsome teenager who is loved by everyone he meets, but he has a secret no one knows about.... that he loves buying discounted items especially books and meat. As for the reason behind this obsession, only he knows. He struggled to live his life when he had to relocate to another country due to his father's job. There he met Elizabeth a girl who faces difficulty coping through everyday life after moving. Others are always misunderstanding her by the way she acts and the way she looks. They both find each other repulsive despite meeting each other for the first time. As they are forced to sit beside each other, they had no choice but to live in close Proximity. What will happen to them as they face different challenges ahead which might force them to risk everything or lose everything? As they try to navigate life step by step trying to find love and friendship in a place where they feel like a misfit.

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