《When We Were Wallflower》Chapter 2: Unusual Pairing


As they got there, he was surprised by the size of the school at the entrance there was a sign which had the school name in big block letters 'Torzawa High'. Walking through the gate, he was greeted by the school teachers, waving goodbye to his brother before going in.

He went to the admission entry to ask for help; after a while, the administrator brought him to his classroom. Just as he walks in, he was greeted by a lady in her mid 40's a little overweight with high cheekbones and a small scar just above her forehead. She told him to introduce himself to the rest of the class.

Afterward, he was asked to sit at the back of the classroom walking past the other students. He could feel them staring at him as though there was something on his face. It didn't bother him that they were like that. For he knew that he was a stranger, an outcast and that he hoped one day they could learn to like him and have friends again.

He didn't know what kind of subject he had to take so when they had to move to another class, he was lost and didn't know where he had to go. He then remembered that there was a sheet given to him by the administrator. That paper had all the information he needed everything from what class he has to go to as well as the subjects he had to take.

He got to the classroom, but the lesson before hadn't ended so all of them waited for the class to finish before coming in. The class ended, the students briskly walked out and headed to their next lesson. Students who were waiting outside came in right after, he sat in the middle row beside a girl with short hair with a pale complexion. Her hands looked so thin as if she hadn't been eating anything for a while.

She gave that feeling of fragileness as though touching her might cause her to break. Harold turned his head. In the distance, he saw this long black hair which he thought might be the person he was thinking about that night. He believed that it would be impossible for her to be in the same class as him.

The teacher came in, and they greeted each other, she announced to the class that they would be changing seats out of the blue. The students were taken aback by what she said. Everyone was complaining about the abrupt news but she refuses to explain. She started calling out each name one by one, he began to feel anxious about who he might be seating.


When it got to his row, his name was called out, and she told him to sit at the back of the classroom by the window. He walked to his seat and met his new desk partner.

"Hi, my name is Elizabeth, nice to meet you."

"Hello, I'm Harold. I guess we're deskmates nice to meet you too."

She gave off that intense but calming aura like she could tear you to pieces at any moment, but at the same time, you feel at peace when she is around. They sat awkwardly throughout the lesson without exchanging a word. When the class was almost over the teacher decided to post a question.

"Do you think it was wise for the Empire to betray the treaty that they had made with Highlander? Provide evidence to support your answer. "

This caused a lot of ruckus due to the difference of opinion each person has. Some agreed on it while others disapprove, the same goes for the two of them. They had two different perspectives on the topic at hand since it was a desk worked; they had to work together to come up with a reasonable explanation as to why they agree or disagree. Time went by and the discussion becomes heated.

As they continued trying to convince the other to agree with their reasoning, ideas were thrown around between the two unlikely acquaintances.

"You're so naïve, why would you think that they were better off keeping the treaty?"

"It's because they would have a better chance of gaining a higher advantage of ruling the entire faction of Railion if they continued to work together than doing it by themselves." Replied Elizabeth

"Yeah, that's fair to say, with them working together, they might be a formidable foe for the Railion army, but what comes after that? Do you think they will be able to sustain the peace between the two power-hungry countries when both of them own half of the country?" asked Harold

"What if history repeated itself just like the war that happened 400 years ago between these two nations as both of them tried to conquer Ortawa way before the treaty has been placed. There will be more unnecessary bloodshed being done without any reason to." Added Harold

"That may be true. Still, the fact is that the probability of them winning is a guarantee. All they have to do is endure the vengeful urge to kill one another before they completely conquer Railion." Responded Elizabeth

"That's easier said than done, you know. No matter how hard they try to resist it, they won't be able to prevent it from happening." Debated Harold


"You're are so naïve; you don't realize how difficult it is to co-exist with one another. Knowing full well about the history between these two countries and the fact that they have been at each other throats for years. Suddenly, they decided to have a treaty of ceased fire so that they can work together to defeat their common enemy, to see who's going to get more control and power over Ralion. It's hard to believe their intentions. " Babble Harold

"Just because your skeptical doesn't mean they have hidden intentions. At least I can see the good in people and that people can change if they want to and not stick to the past where they can't move on. Just like a wise person once said, put the past behind you where the next generations do not carry their pain and suffering." Remarked Elizabeth

"You're so stupid and small-minded," muttered Elizabeth under her breath

"What did you say?"

"Did you say something?" Harold looked at her with confusion

"Oh, it was nothing."

"Anyway, your so gullible who thinks that people can change for the better that's not going to get you anywhere. You need to face the fact that people will remain who they are even though they say it, doesn't mean that they meant it."

"SAY WHAT YOU WANT ABOUT ME!!" A sudden silence echoed through the walls as Elizabeth spoke those words; all eyes were at the two of them. As quick as the silence came, the noise took over as they returned to their discussion

"But I will never change the way I perceived people. Whether they're able to change or not, that's for them to decide you can't lose faith in them." Testified Elizabeth

'Riing...' ' Riing... ' The bell sounded throughout the class, grabbing the attention of everyone. Signaling the end of class.

"Alright, class, the bell has rung and it's time for you to go to your next class. We'll continue this topic in the next lesson. You're dismissed." Announced Miss Mackenzie

Astonished by what she said, he was left dumbfounded as she walked out of the classroom, feeling confident about what she had said. He felt like he had lost the argument even though he provided persuading evidence. Annoyed by having been shown off by a girl he just met, he stormed out of the class to the hallway and made his way to his next lesson.

As he walked to his next period, he couldn't help but wonder how Elizabeth still believes that people can change even though people can't change based on his experience. However, she still chooses to believe that people are still capable of change.


The day ended in his last class, and he managed to calm down from what had happened in history class. At least he doesn't have to see her after school; he sighed with relief about that fact. While walking home, he saw a leaflet posted on the telephone pole that his favorite book 'Deadly Night' was on sale.



He rushes to the nearest book store at the corner of the street, to his luck the book was still available. He grabbed a copy off the shell and saw that there was a massive line forming, so he lined up and waited. While waiting, he started reading and got so absorbed that he didn't realize that he was next in line until someone had to tap on his shoulder to make him notice.

He placed his book on the counter and looked for his wallet in his bag. After searching for a while, he began to panic and opened every zipper in his bag and laid his books on the ground. As he searched through, he became nervous that he couldn't find it. Costumers who were waiting in line were beginning to become angsty and the cashier told Harold that if he couldn't pay, he should leave.

He asked the cashier whether she could hold onto the book while he looked for his wallet. She agreed to his request and stood at the side to let the other customers pay for their items. He rummaged through his books and stationeries he realises that he must have left it in class. He told the cashier to wait a little longer because he had left his wallet somewhere else. She sighs and warned him that he should come back quickly before everything was sold out.

He grabbed everything from the ground and placed it carelessly back in his bag. He ran out of the store like a mad man running past the security guard of the school. He ran to his last class as he got there he saw his wallet under his desk.

"Thank god that nobody tried to take it." He muttered to himself

He snatched his wallet, placed it back in his bag without closing, and rushes out of the class without looking where he was going.


A textbook flew out of his bag.

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