《When We Were Wallflower》chapter 5: How to Express Yourself


Elizabeth packed her stuff and walked toward the door and waited for her friend. She was in the middle of her thought before getting interrupted by the sound of a student who let out a scream. Students looked around and noticed a group of students playing pranks by startling their classmates as they pass by.

" What's with the commotion?" a voice sounded

" Oh, hey. Harp, there you are. Oh, it's just some students trying to prank each other." Replied Elizabeth

" What did you want to say to me this morning, what's with that message that you sent me?" asked Elizabeth

" Oh, that!! I forgot, so this morning there was this person and he was carrying this adorable cat and the cat was wearing this shirt from our favorite drama character-"

At the same time, Harold was standing beside a locker a few centimeters from where they are, trying to get her attention. Waving and making some funny faces behind her friend.

" Ah, can you excuse me for a second? There's someone who is annoying me right now."

"Oh ok, sure."

Harp stared at her phone, looking at the adorable pictures of the cat she took while making funny sounds. Elizabeth walks a few steps past her friend with that annoyed look on her face.

" What do you want? Can I help you? Why are you acting like a big clown? You looked like someone who just escaped a mental institution."

" You really have no filter, huh. Anyway yeah, do you have a second? Can I talk to you?"

" What for?! We got nothing to talk about. Anyway, as you can see, I'm a bit busy now we can talk about it later?"

" Oh, ok." Stunned by what she said

" What's with that, she totally blew me off. I still need to give her the paper she dropped. Whatever is not like it's mine anyway." He talked to himself

" She really is a weird person. "

" I'm back what were you saying again?" Elizabeth asked

" Oh yeah, the cat was super cute and the owner let me take a picture of it. Look, it's so adorable right?"

" Ah yeah, it does."

Harold walked on ahead. Elizabeth looked at him feeling bad that she had blown him off. She thought that it would be best if she could talk to him a little bit nicer. It was hard for her to express herself properly whenever she was around anyone.

" Hey, Harp?"

" Yeah? What's up?" Harp replied while she fidgets with her phone

" How can I express myself better and not intentionally hurt the people I talk to?"

" HAHAHAHAHA!!! ARE you ok? What kind of question is that?" laughing hysterically

" I'm serious. Stop laughing."

" Oh, okok. Sorry for laughing, but that is a strange question to be asking me."

" Is it? I was just asking since you know I'm not very good at this kind of stuff. Since you're a lot better than I am, I was wondering how do you do it?"

" Oh, that's why. Well, there's no secret to it. Just listen to what they're saying, greet them when you see them, and most importantly, SMILE MORE. Don't give them that piss-off look all the time. That's all."


" Hmmm. That's a lot harder than I expect."

" HAHAHA. It's really not. It just takes a lot of practice. Knowing you everything to do with social interaction is hard, but you can do it just do your best."

" Anyway, what brought this question? Is there anyone you wanna get along with?" she smirked while saying those words.

" Not really no. I was just curious, that's all." Replied Elizabeth

" Oh, come on!! Don't be like that I'm your best friend we suppose to share secrets. Don't leave me like this."

"It's not like that at all. Trust me. I'm telling you the truth. If there was, you're always the first to know."

" HMMMM. I don't buy it, but I'll trust you for now... "She took a long looked at her squinting her eyes as she spoke

" Oh, Miss Alison is calling me, talk to you later! Ok, Lize. Good luck. I hope you get along with that person better."

She started walking to her next class, thinking about what Harp just said to her. It made her think that she should be kinder to Harold and that maybe she might have been a little too judgemental with choosing her words when they communicate.

Harold was walking to class, and he thought that he should have done his best to get along with Elizabeth. When he reached his history class, he made his way to his seat, he arrived earlier than Elizabeth since there was no seating plan for them to follow.

He placed the paper that he had picked up from the ground this morning on the table beside him, putting an eraser to prevent it from flying off.

He sat beside the window, and he slowly dozes off from the sound of nature and the breeze coming from the window. A few minutes later, it suddenly got dimmer as if there was a solar eclipse. Harold didn't notice as he continues to doze off.

Elizabeth started pocking him on his shoulder, but he wouldn't budge. She became irritated by what he was doing and seating in her seat.

She grew more annoyed as the class was about to start. She was on the verge of hitting him on his shoulder when someone let out a scream. He slowly woke up, Elizabeth was at the brink of hitting him with a dead stare in her eyes.

" Oh hey, Elizabeth [yawn] how long have you been standing there you should sit down?"

" I would, but a gorilla is sitting at my seat and I can't seem to move it away since I don't have a banana with me."

" Hmm.. banana.. gorilla.. whose that?"

" I'm staring at him. He's a very big dufus who doesn't care about other people's feelings and wellbeing and he is also a huge idiot."

"What!! Who are you calling a big idiot, and I'm not a gorilla either. If anyone is a gorilla, it's you."

" You're the one that has long black hair and a tall figure. You should be in the zoo."

" Wow, is that your big comeback that wasn't even a comeback I feel sorry for you."


" Get off my case I just woke –"

" I can't believe you're sleeping again. Haven't you had enough sleep back at Miss Daisy's class? retorted Elizabeth"

" You shouldn't be sleeping, you know. She already warned you about sleeping in class. I guess idiots like you don't understand what people are trying to say to them. Now get off my seat, you big mongrel."

" What's with the 3rd degree your being more uptight than usual. What do you mean by your seat? She didn't assign any seating plan." He exclaimed

" Yes, she did, you bumbling idiot, unlike you I can stay awake and pay attention to what she was saying.

" Can you stop insulting me? Am I that useless to you?"

" I could, but the thing is, I wonder why did the school ever let a gorilla enroll here in the first place."

" Fine, continue to insult me, but I'm sitting here, and you can't do anything about it."

He was feeling proud of his victory over the seat, but deep down he knows that she had won that battle.

" What's this on my table?" questioned Elizabeth

" Oh, that! It flew under my bike, I wasn't sure if it belongs to you, but since it has your name on it. I presume that it was."

" That was what I wanted to give you just now before you completely blow me off."

She sat down hesitantly beside him

" Oh, thank god. I thought I lost this paper I had been anxious all this time cause I was afraid that I had lost this." Giving a slight change of tone to her voice.

" Well, thank you for giving it back. "She passed him his eraser and grin

" It's a very important letter that I need to submit." Added Elizabeth

" You're welcome. What is it for anyway?"

"It's none of your business, but since you saved my life, I will give you a slight insight. It's something I need to give to someone of a very high position."

" Like who? The president? I don't even think the president would be able to crack the words that are written on the paper. All I can read from it is that there's a bakery or something the rest is all gibberish to me."

" I don't expect you to understand anyway. It's something far too advanced for your pea-brain to comprehend."

[SIGHS] " Again, with the insult, don't you ever get tired of insulting me? Of course, not who am I talking to?"

" Anyway, changing the subject. Did you manage to buy your book on your way home? Elizabeth inquire


" Of course. You did." Muttered under her breath.

" EXCUSE ME?! that's rude!!"

" HAHAHAHA!! I didn't expect you to hear that."

" Well, I went straight home after that conversation. My mind completely blanked out. Aw, that sucks I was looking forward to reading it."

" HAHAHA!! How did you forget I thought you were so interested in buying it. How did it slip off your mind?"


" Oh ah, I don't know. I must have been so exhausted the other day that I forgot." He said those words as his face turned slightly pinkish.

" Anyway, maybe it will still be available after school today. You could still get that book."

" Nah, I don't think they will still have stocked today. By the time I got there yesterday, only a handful of books were left on the shelves.

" I see. That's too bad I wouldn't have forgotten it if I was you. From the way it turned out yesterday, I guess I would have forgotten it if I was in your position. Since moving here and adjusting must be a difficult thing to balance. That's only a slight chance, of course." Teasing him for forgetting

" Well, it wasn't half bad yesterday. I kind of enjoy myself. That book was such a bargain.

" NOOOOOO!!" He let out a cry

" I think I will go back and sleep and forget about this unfortunate event." Added Harold

" Sleep again! Did you not enough sleep last night?" wondered Elizabeth

" I did, but when I got home yesterday, it was rather late and I had something left that I needed to finish and slept later. On top of that, I'm still getting used to the time I have to wake up." Answered Harold

He couldn't tell her the truth about the reason why he was awake last night. She might use it against him during their argument, so it would be best not to give her extra ammunition to the ones that she had already.

He started dozing off again after a while. This time he was using his shoulder as support he kept nodding away fast asleep on the edge of falling back from his seat. She can't help but get annoyed by how distracting he is.

She couldn't concentrate on what miss Alison was teaching. After a while she grew impatient and had enough of him, so she pushed him away.


" What's going on back there?" miss Alison asked.

" Oh, it was nothing. Harold just fell off his seat ma'am."

" Owowowow... that was not cool, Elizabeth. That hurt my ass."

" Well, if you could just keep yourself awake and not be a nuisance to me, then I wouldn't have pushed you away. You idiotic fool."

" I was sleepy. I couldn't help it, ok. Can you stop calling me an idiot?"

" As I said, I could, but I can't, so I won't. Idiot."

Both of them continued to argue, which causes a lot of disturbance around them. The students were getting annoyed by how loud they were speaking. Kylie was about to raise her hand, but before that could happen, miss Alison interrupted as she started with the topic of today's lesson.

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