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Children of the Singularity (S4)

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Author: Type:Male

Even the end of the world had its beginnings. Most reminisce over comforts that seemed so common yesterday even though yesterday was so far away. A select few reminisced over the original pocket that now enveloped the world.

It began with the Chernobyl disaster releasing an otherworldly being preying on humanity's very soul. It grew stronger with every scream, it’s corruption instilling absolute bedlam and madness.

With the required elements all being present in that fateful year of 2012 the predator found it’s escape in those who became known as the Children of the Singularity.


Artwork by AlexAlexandrov (deviantart)
Metro 2033. (2011). [image] Online at: [Accessed 2 Jan. 2018].

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