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Dark Slate

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Author: Type:Male

This is a story about a 27-year-old Lennart Klein who after returning from a Business trip. Is on his way to see his family. Being exhausted from the trip his body breaks down while driving and ends up crashing.

After his death, he gets reborn into a new world. He doesn't want to accept it as he enjoyed his previous life. Due to this event, he felt it was hopeless. Now being emotionally shattered he doesn't care for this new life.

It all changed once he discovered the existence of magic. Since he had nothing to do, he started learning it. Because of this, he started becoming closer and closer with his new family.

He is born in one of the highest ranking noble houses in the kingdom as Arata Arumani. Making new friends, refining his abilities, facing powerful foes, and finding love.

He thought that maybe he could start living his new life to its fullest. He now wanted to experience everything that this new world had to offer and face every challenge head-on.

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