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Crazy Love [Taekook]

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Author: Type:Female
Jungkook is innocent and Taehyung is experienced. Jungkook is pure and Taehyung is complicated. Jungkook is kind and Taehyung is merciless. Jungkook is an angel and Taehyung is the devil.
Jungkook is a freshman at SNU, while Taehyung is his senior. Jungkook is a nobody, while Taehyung is the most popular and the most unapproachable guy in the university. Jungkook hates violence, while Taehyung has the policy of 'You mess with me or my friends and you're dead.'
Jungkook's language is love, while Taehyung communicates through his fists. Jungkook can die for the person he loves and Taehyung can kill for the one he loves.
A passionate and romantic love story between two unlikey people with completely different personalities.
Disclaimer : The story and characters are fictional and got nothing to do with the real life counterparts. The story is completely my idea and if there are similarities with other stories then it's purely coincidental.
Photo credits to the rightful owners.
Please do not copy or plagiarize my work. it's a humble request.
Start date: 30/01/2022
End date: 04/10/2022
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