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It All Started With a TESTPAPER

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Author: Type:Female
u n e d i t e d
"Write your name if the statement is correct and write your crush's name if the statement is wrong. NO ERASURE."
This instruction is the plot twist of Aria's 2018 year.
Aria Bernadette Valencia is just a typical girl in campus.
Simpleng babae lang na nangangarap din na mapansin ng crush niya.
'Til the testpaper came to her life. She accidentally put Tristan Ros' name, her crush since they were in 7th Grade.
But little did she know, Tristan Ros has feelings for her too 'til he decided to court Aria.
Will Aria accept Tristan Ros in her life? Will they end up being together? Or not because Erica Fraide will come, the childhood sweetheart of Tristan, to ruin their happy ending.
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