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Her Name Is Havoc

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Author: Type:Female
Loss. Inexplicable loss. A loss you can't even grieve because no one else admits to it. After all, how can you grieve over something that was never really there? Or was it?
Richard never had a high school sweetheart, not even a prom date. He never took dating, romance, or whatsoever seriously. To be honest, he didn't even believe in love before he met her. And "Her"? Oh, she's trouble. And he's beyond saving.
Caroline, on the other hand, has always believed in love. Her life was a shipwreck until she found it. And she would do anything to finally marry the love of her life. Even if she has to hide her deepest, darkest secrets from everyone. The secrets that she thinks can blow up her wedding day, if not her entire life.
In a knitted web of love and lies, which one prevails.
#3 in disappearance ( Jan -15 -2021)
#12 in hallucinations ( Jan - 19- 2021)
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