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Mark of the Fated

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The vast comet should have destroyed us...

When it slowed, then landed, everything we thought we knew about the universe changed. And for Mark, things just got way stranger, and far more dangerous.

They came from another dimension, condemning our selfish, greedy ways, but sensing in us a potential to change. So when they chose Mark as a volunteer in their deadly trials to save the human race, how could he say no?

Join him on his quest for loot, levels, and powerful abilities. He'll need them all as he fights in kingdoms large and small, battling demons and dinosaurs, vampires and robots, orcs and... fairies?

For Mark, the price of saving the planet looks to be a world of hurt. Maybe he would've been better off if the comet hadn't landed so softly, after all?

Mark of the Fated is a violent, darkly comic LitRPG series.

Weeks 1 and 2 - (22/6/22 - 5/7/22) 2 Chapters per day
Week 3 Ongoing - (7/7/22 - ongoing) 1 Chapter per day Tue-Sun (6 per week) until book 1 is done.

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