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Alphas Betrayal

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Author: Type:Female
Abandoned by the world, Octavia Johnson is destined to suffer.
The pain is fleeting. Momentarily wounding her.
But the betrayal.
The betrayal is carved so deeply into her memories. Permanently residing in the darkest parts of her mind, never letting her forget the years of torture and abuse
That face that is burned into her mind, the face she will never forget.
Never forgive.
Alpha Juda
His rejection comes as no surprise but what follows will shock her to the core.
Will Octavia survive these trials given by the moon goddess herself?
Will she finally get her happily ever after?
Cover credit [email protected]
(Check out her work! Fantastic)
⚠️⚠️ book has triggers. Mentions rape, abuse, suicide & violence ⚠️⚠️
🌶🌶🌶 contains smutty content🌶🌶🌶
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