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My Brother's Best Friend

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Falling in love never scared Maddie Davis until she fell for the one boy she swore to stay away from forever.
Maddie Davis has been in love with her brother's best friend, Cameron Holden since she was in the sixth grade. They used to be best friends too until he got into high school and became a version of himself she didn't even recognize. Everyone said he was a shoo-in for the NFL, and he let it get to his head. Right before high school started, he worked out until he was built like a sculpture, he got rid of his braces, and suddenly the girls fell at his feet.
But that was fine because her middle school crush faded. And besides, even if she did think he was hot, Cameron wasn't someone she could go for even if she wanted to. Unless of course, she found herself wound up with him in a closet during a game of blind seven minutes -- a closet so tiny and secretive that she would finally be able to act on the feelings she's tried so desperately to hide.
But what were the odds of that happening?
This is book ONE of three:
My Brother's Best Friend
In Five Years
The Perfect Timing
Content warning: This story contains mature sexual content and themes of bullying, sexual assault, violence, and explicit language.
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