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Housemate [Taehyung ff]

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Author: Type:Female
Taking a shower after class, I was casually shampooing my hair as usual, when the bathroom door from the other side opened.
Frozen in my spot, it seemed that the one at the door was frozen too.
"Excuse me?" Raising my eyebrows questioning as of why he didn't back away and closed the door, I threw a stare at him hoping that he'd realize that he was disturbing my privacy.
"Y/N?" The guy spoke out my name, and I froze the second time.
How did he know my name?
"I'm Taehyung. Remember?"
He proceeded introducing himself instead, and flickers of memories started to light up.
But this is not the time to reminisce.
I'm literally taking a shower.
Butt naked.
SUMMARY: Y/N finds out that Taehyung is her housemate.
WARNING: Might have a bit of too much friends with benefits scenes, but they're legal adults. We'll take their ages to be 23 years old here, okay? Proceed on your own risk.
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