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"You will submit to me!" He growled, clenching his jaw as he glared down at me.
I raised a brow and looked him dead in the eyes "No 'Alpha'." I smirked mocking the word Alpha. "You will submit to me."
Aylean Rafe Beowulf born a true blood alpha, but was a runt. Being a runt is a disgrace to werewolves, so her pack would have refused her as a Luna, so her parents made her the omega of their pack. Disrespected her entire life, she had enough and chose to become a rouge, but on her journey she met her mate.
Alpha Aztec Amaruq Hunter, the alpha of the strongest pack in the world a cold and stern alpha, but when his true mate comes along a stubborn girl who doesn't want to submit, he doesn't know what to do.
What will happen? Will Aylean submit or will it be the other way around? Find out :)
Just a small warning my grammar isn't good lol, also it's still a working progress, but enjoy! :)
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