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The Matrimony

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Author: Type:Female
Diana Prichard learned early on about how much of a bitch life could be.
Forced to abandon the one she loves and marry a monster to save her father from his debt and keep his business afloat, She believes her life to be a hell hole. Her only consolation being her 5 year old boy Benjy. She believes her luck is finally starting to change when her abusive husband gets jailed for fraud, but only finds herself being sold to appease her father's debts, again! So she finds herself walking down the aisle towards a total stranger, or so she thought.
Alejandro Delmanti has been hurt before. Left by the love of his life for a seemingly better and richer man, he knows nothing but anger and bitterness. He worked his ass off to be the billion dollar success he is now. He left America to rid himself of the heartache and now he is back to take revenge on her, to make her suffer as she did to him
Diana isn't sure how this is going to turn out and neither is Alejandro. Both try their best to ignore each other, but what happens when the old sparks start igniting, and old feelings start coming back?.
"You still love me Diana, you know you do", he breathed down her neck
She shivered, " I... "
"You still love me and you still want me. And I'm gonna prove it to you", with that, he claimed her lips.
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