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Seeds of Evil: Rophion Forest

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At the beginning of this world, when the First War between Good and Evil happened, the Balance of Times split up and its many parts hid on Earth. Those who have in their power the restoring of the Balance are the Rophions, which the prophecy says that the One will be born from them, the being with a wolf and human blood, flowing in his veins, and the only one capable to control times...

But evil isn’t asleep. It is spying on them from everywhere, but there where is the home of Rophions, the forest with the same name, is also the hidden den of the darkness, which expects only the right moment to attack and to rule this world, for eternity.

However, the world has other plans for itself and it will be who decides the master of all the world, when the Last Battle will be fought in the Valley of Silence, where everything started and where everything will end, giving to Rophions the gift of Love and Magical Power.

Seeds of Evil. Rophion Forest is the first book from a series of 10, focused on Magic, Brotherhood, love, and devotion, which are capable to fight against the Devil itself, only to control their souls and the pulsation of life on Earth.

What type of reader is this book for? You might enjoy Seeds of Evil. Rophion Forest, if you like...

stories related to secrets, betrayal, fight for supremacy, and a lot of characteristics and Epic Events related to the Internacional Mythology.


This novel has in it the power of Magic, Action, Love, and suspense, including in its structure the power of the reader that loves to read fantastic stories, where brotherhood prevails over betrayal and love triumphs above evil.

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