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9 Dragon War God

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Author: Type:Male

The greatest scholar [of Dragon God Universe] "Bai Shen" desperate to save her dying child "Long Shen" ( 龍 = Lóng , 神 = Shén) [who was attacked by the "Nether Death Curse"] alters the "WHEEL of SAMSARA" by sacrificing herself, implants her entire wisdom into Long Shen's soul in the form of a Heavenly book & transmigrates the dying boy into a world of Martial Arts where he is reborn as an abandoned new born child rescued by an Old Monk. Long Shen embarks on a Journey to Discover his Destiny / Identity where he meets Princesses who can topple kingdoms with their beauty, Peerless beautiful Saintesses, Godly Maidens & forms bonds of friendship & Love. The Fate of the 9 Heavens hangs in jeopardy as Long Shen fights against destiny to stop the Apocalypse, defies the heavens & alters the destinies of millions in his ascension to GOD HOOD. Will he realize his destiny ? Can he save his mother ? What will happen to the 9 heavens ?

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