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Eunora Dawn is just a child. She was born a noble in the kingdom of Maeve, with 5 siblings and a shy personality. At a glance, her life was meant to be rosy.

But, when Eunora unlocks the [System] on her 7th birthday, she gains more than she expected. Memories of her past life as a strong-willed and fulfilled woman flood her mind and all but overwrite her personality. Filled with existential dread and grief over losing her past loved ones, Eunora goes from an innocent child filled with hope for her family to someone who is just trying to keep herself afloat in a strange world that almost seems too awful to be true.

With her sudden change in personality, as two individuals become one within Eunora, she has to find something she cares about. Anything. As long as it gets her out of bed.

Eunora loved her life in the Before -and she’s not looking forward to growing up again. All Maeve has shown her is neglect and longing, and after living a life of privilege she’ll need to adjust.

PSA: it's not a joke when it says her biggest struggle is getting out of bed! As with anything, the stakes eventually raise, but it's a slow-ish build up!

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