《Tales Of Narcinica》V1 Chapter 5 - What If?


It was night but only one person was awake in the kingdom. Caleb, awake and moving he was already finding ways to make his own kingdom. He was going to make the kingdom bow to him. But for now half of the kingdom is all he needed. He wanted to ask Noah about this question though.

Josiah was asleep but he sensed an enemy aura in The Powerhouse and woke up. Josiah was old and maybe even insane in the head but when he felt enemy aura or felt a mass of evil he knew exactly what to do. He crept down the hall to just make sure that nothing was wrong.

Nothing... He still sensed the evil aura and was awake and moving around. First his room then he moved to Noah's room. Nothing... Then lastly, where he felt it the most. Caleb's room. There it was, the enemy aura that he felt. He knew something was wrong. All he did was ask a question though.

"What are you doing?!?!" Exclaimed Josiah.

"Well, nothing I guess. I don't know Josiah just wait!!" Caleb said in an angry manner.

"Son, something is going on I can feel it. But go to bed for no-." Josiah paused when he saw Caleb sleeping on the ground.

He put him back to bed. The enemy aura was gone and Josiah went to sleep once again. This let off plenty of red flags and would probably let off red flags for you too.

Daytime came and everyone in the kingdom was moving around. Noah was helping Shadow rebuild the Oyster Bar. Shadow was getting ingredients for the new menu. Josiah was making adverts for the new menu.

"Hey, Hey Noah! How does Oyster SHOP sound?" Exclaimed Shadow. She was also making a new name for the bar.


"Sounds great!" Replied Noah.

Josiah finished the adverts and was as usual running the kingdom and setting up some troops for another war. He thought the Terminian Giants were coming again and could not waste time if they did.

Josiah was stepping down from king in the next month or two. He wanted Noah to be ready and trained for king. He was ready to announce his departure in the next week.

As always Caleb was just going around and asking people the same questions that Shadow told him to ask.

"Would you go to the Oyster SHOP if it was relocated? Do you like the new name that the Oyster SHOP has?"

As always the same answer. Of Course. Then he saw Noah running towards him.

"Hey quick question Caleb!" Noah yelled out.

"Yeah?" Replied Caleb.

"Would you like going and walking around Terminia?" Noah said.

"Well sure I have nothing else to do. I just finished the task Shadow gave me." Replied Caleb.

"Ok, done." Said Noah.

As they were walking around and laughing about childhood memories Caleb wondered and asked a question that has always gone unanswered.

"Hey dude, whats your last name?"

"Not now Caleb, thats between me and Josiah." Replied Noah in a menacing way.

Now there were a few people who had frankly no last names and Noah was one of them. Shadow had no last name along with Josiah. Caleb had always been jealous of the bond that those three shared. But no fear for he would take over all of Solitude, Terminia, and even all of the whole world, Narcinica. All he needed was to entice Josiah or Noah into giving him a portion of Solitude. Then from there he just had to convince everyone else he was the superior ruler.

"Back to Solitude?" Noah said trying to run away from the question that was asked.

"Sure." Caleb said.

Soon lies would be truth, truth would be lies and the world of Narcinica would turn upside down and people would turn away from Solitude to an alternative. The New World.

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