《Tales Of Narcinica》V1 Chapter 6 - Giving Up My Crown


As you know Josiah is giving up his crown. Today was the day he announced it publicly. This was big for him. He had been king for almost 80 years which was a record to anyone in the world of Narcinica.

Posters were set up and everyone could not wait for his "amazing" speech. People were having a great time at the Oyster Shop which was almost fully repaired others lay down blankets and towels to see the speech. Solitude shouted for joy as the king was about to give a speech and the first one in years for that matter. This was a big event to put it lightly. People from Terminia were watching. The world was watching and journalists were taking notes. People were ready to write books about this speech. It was a disastrous speech though. This is not saying it was a bad event. This is saying that it broke the hearts of many people who were long time loyal citizens of Josiah.

As he came up and started talking he opened up with, "How is everyone?" Everyone obviously replied in cheers.

Then he said. "Well as you may know I have not spoken publicly in a good while. You may be excited coming here but you will surely be sad going home. So I am not happy to say this but I think it is the right thing to do. So here i say. This is my last speech for I am stepping down from king."

The crowd shouting stopped instantly and everyone started whispering and gossiping to one and other.

How could this be? Why? Why now? Who will be king? Will there be a king? Is he a good king? Is Josiah dying? This was just some of the thoughts that were going through some peoples heads.


So many thoughts went through so many minds but then Josiah just said solemnly.

"Yes I know, a travesty in a time like this but I will hand the crown down to my right hand man Noah!"

Still silence. People were shocked again. That kid? The kid at the bar who got drunk?! Him as a king was simply impossible to think of.

Caleb did not seem to concerned for he was about to bribe Noah for a portion of land in Solitude. Noah was very gullible and easy to use as a tool. He was often used as a tool.

Noah had been preparing for quite some time now. He was testing his bravery and especially his gullible lifestyle. He wanted to be a king. He did not want to be the idiot who was at the bar because he knew people saw him as that.

Noah got up stage and spoke. "Hello friends, citizens, and families. I will try ruling as best I can without failing you guys. I know I am not the best person that can rule but I will learn and become the best." That is all he said.

Despite his flaws Noah was a great commander of military and was an amazing spokesman. He had been practicing obviously.

Now the world did not turn upside down by this act of kindness from Josiah. It was what happened after the speech.

"Hey, Hey Noah I have a quick question." Said Caleb.

"Yeah what's up?" Noah replied.

"Hey can I have the North-East section of Solitude?" Caleb said mischievously.

Noah was amazed at what he just said. He did not know how to reply. He tried replying without looking brain dead.

"O-ok. Umm let me think about it (I guess)"

"Ok, let me know when we can talk about it." Caleb said.

"Ok, I will." Exclaimed Noah.

That was an amazing thing for someone to say. I am sure you think Caleb is brave for saying this also. Either way this was how he said it. He thought if he was so blunt he would convince him into giving in right there. He refused but that does not mean he would not say no.

We could have only hoped he said no.

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