《Tales Of Narcinica》V1 Chapter 4 - Terminal End


Terminal End is an abandoned area of land that is locked to any mortal humans. Most mortals would leave with wounds and usually a curse that would live with them for the rest of their life.Only immortal people would ever enter. Only one mortal has ever entered and they were sentenced to the worst punishment which the immortals called "The Exorcism."

The Exorcism is a practice in which a they would be put under a spell that made them feel as though they were being pricked to death even if they were not. They live that way for the rest of their lives and also would usually come back with missing limbs. The immortals were horrible people and prophecy said so.

Back in Solitude the attacks had just finished and Solitude had enough. Both Shadow and Josiah were hoping that if a war did happen it would not end at Terminal End. Now Shadow and Josiah got many things wrong. They predicted and usually their predictions failed. Strangely they predicted right by thinking they would not go to Terminal End. Only one person went in the past few hundred years and only a few will go later on.

Back at The Powerhouse the sleeping men were dreaming things that were drastically different.

Noah was dreaming to vanquish the Terminia once and for all. He was sick of them. He woke up everyday thinking he had done it but everyday it was the monotony of life again. This is why he had always been melancholy for he thought in his dreams he was defeating Terminia but he never did. Caleb was dreaming of ending someone else. Someone who had ruined his chance to fame. Someone who had ruined his plans to rule Solitude. Someone by the name of Noah.

Caleb woke up


"What if I started my own kingdom? Something that will make me feel like the thing I was meant to feel like. A KING! I will be the king of Solitude, all I have to do is start off with a bit of land."

This was all done out of greed. He knew it he just wanted attention. Tjough this was not the way to get it he did it for glory.

There is usually three things that motivate people to take control of land through war. Usually the motivation is money, glory, and religion. In this case it was glory. I do not know how the plans worked out all I have learned through stories and legends is that he made a plan. The plan is said that he would ask for a piece of land in the north and if Noah said then he would debate why he should have the land. If he said yes then he would enact a plan that even his generals did not know. All the stories say is that he was a evil mastermind.

The plan was amazingly evil. Only a genius could make a plan like he did. Under that body of his is a genius being. Beat way put was he was a smart man with a smart plan.

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