《Blood Evolution System 》Chapter 3: A letter


Although this was the first time he came across a crystal that assimilates its user with a system after the completion of a mission, he was able to stay rational as there were a lot of artificial existence such as robots and droids in this day and age.

Vincent's brows drew together as he thought about the item in his hand. 'I can only assume that this might be something like a Galactic Analysation System as I know nothing regarding the rest. I wonder what it is. However, completing the heritage missions will grant me the rewards and then I will know what it is.' 

Galactic Analyzer is a portable system used to examine a beast and determine whether consuming it is beneficial to the body or harmful. It also lists a person's basic stats. It can be integrated into humans but there is a high risk of death and brain damage. Hence, no one tries to integrate with it.

The military and royal families control its production and sale. However, with some luck and connections, it can be obtained on the black market.

'Hmm, killing a beast is not an easy task. Rather I am strong enough to kill one in the wilderness. I will be able to though after I increase my strength by madly training for the next few months.

Vincent thought while gripping the crystal in one of his hands.

'This crystal might very well be a treasure. Maybe this letter will further clarify what the Blood Evolution system is,' Vincent thought while holding the letter in his right hand. His father's name was written on the letter, indicating that it was Aaron who wrote it.

The very next second, he opened the letter and began to read it with a serious look on his face.


"By the time you read this, I will be in a faraway place. I hope you are doing fine. There is something I've always wanted to tell you but never got the chance until the very end. I will leave you to find it out. I believe you've got the reddish pendant. It's the heirloom of our Sangue family. So, treasure it well, and once you complete the heritage mission, the Blood Evolution System will assimilate with you, and it will help you become stronger."

After reading the first part of the letter, Vincent was left with a lot of unanswered questions in his mind but he didn't ponder on this topic and continued to read the second part of the letter.

"My son, listen carefully, you are not allowed to take revenge until you are powerful enough. The thought of revenge is completely meaningless without strength. Do not let what happened to us consume you. If you want to become stronger then locate the secret basement. I know you can do it. There's a portable teleporter hidden in the secret basement of our house. It will teleport you to Old Miller's orphanage in Cloud Tower City. Look for him, he will provide a place for you to stay after you show him the letter. He'll also give you personalized training that is far better than the training you're receiving from your educators."

Vincent's eyes warmed as Aaron was thinking of his well-being even before death. Silently, he continued to read the last part of the letter.

"Also, regularly practice the battle technique I passed on to you. You must continue to train in it to maximize your true potential. I'm sorry, the promise I made with you can never be fulfilled. Farewell!"

The letter ended there leaving a rush of emotion to fill Vincent's heart.


"Father, I promise! I won't take revenge until I am strong enough and I will also regularly train in the battle technique to become the greatest battle master." Vincent vowed through gritted teeth as he then breathed in and out to relax.

Four months were left but the military academy entry examination wasn't easy to pass. He must increase his strength and the best bet is to go to the orphanage and be trained by Old Miller.

While thinking of locating the secret basement, Vincent wore the necklace.

'The secret basement shouldn't be too hard to find if I utilize my magic power to create Magic Resonating Eyes!' Vincent thought as he performed several hand signs to create a pair of magic resonating eyes.

Through the measured and precise movement of the hands, the magic power in a person's heart will be manually channeled into a magic technique.

Although there were ways to channel magic power into magic techniques without using the somatic method, Vincent hasn't evolved and his body lacked an energy circuit. Energy circuit allows a person to control their magic power willfully.

Therefore, he repeated a similar order of hand signs multiple times and manually channeled magic power into several pairs of bizarre blue eyes.

He learned this magic technique by going through a magic book his mother sent for him via the galaxy delivery system!

After creating over a dozen magic resonating eyes, he controlled them to squeeze their way into various corners of the house. Under his control, the eyes wandered throughout the house, searching for the entrance of the secret basement.

By using a little bit of concentration, Vincent could watch whatever each of the magical eyes saw, and although it was a bit mentally straining to do so, he had trained for years, and now he was proficient in this technique.

A while later, as frown lines were vivid on Vincent's forehead, one of the eyes entered his father's study room and all of a sudden, it released blinking blue lights as if ringing an alarm.

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