《Blood Evolution System 》Chapter 2: Blood Evolution System


Sometime later, Vincent closed his eyes and took a deep breath to calm down.

A few moments went by when suddenly his eyes snapped open to reveal pearl-like black eyes with a hint of calculating and thoughtful glitters once the emotions raging inside him were buried to the death of his core.

[Cold mind] This skill decreases the effects emotions have on the mind.

Thanks to this innate passive trait, Vincent was able to think clearly and make rational decisions even in this situation.

Traits are like passive or active innate abilities and not every human or demi-human possessed a trait, only a handful of them did, and out of the few, mostly a lot of traits were classified as low-key useless.

'I need to focus. First and foremost, I need to increase my strength and join the military academy.' Vincent thought as his eyes focused on the box upon which magnificent inscription could be seen.

'To take revenge for the death of my parents, I need a lot of resources to increase my strength. However, to earn evolution resources for myself, I need enough strength to hold my head high against low-level beasts.' Vincent wasn't strong enough to kill the weakest of beasts labeled as magical or low-level beasts.

Earthlings like him usually labeled beasts into three ranks according to their strength. From the weakest to the highest, they were low-level, mid-level, and high-level beasts.

'This sealed box might be filled with rare treasures left by my parents. It might contain items that can improve my strength. There might be evolution material, physical enchantment serums, and energy cores contained in its subspace.'

The absorption of evolution materials leads to the creation or multiplication of ability cells, which in turn, give rise to awakening. Awakening is an evolutionary process through which humans come to possess an ability. Similarly, the physical enchantment serums strengthen the bones and organs. Of course, this was also the kind of medicine that would build immunity after continued use, but it still improved physical strength by a tremendous amount.


Lastly, the energy cores are used as a source of energy to fuel ability cells and activate abilities. Energy cores are further divided into different kinds. Magic power cores, elemental cores, and special cores can be absorbed by humans and demi-humans as a source of energy to utilize their ability. As for the most common type of energy, it is indeed magic power. It's present in abundance on Earth, also.

Although Vincent hadn't undergone any type of awakening, his body was nearly two times stronger than a human even at this young age. It's all because his father has given him a precious training manual. By training in this method, he could improve his physical strength and also produce "Battle Energy".

"Let's see..."

Without hesitation, Vincent wounded the tip of his forefinger by using a knife and dripped his blood into the box for it to acknowledge him as its owner. As he already knew that to become the owner of the spatial box, he must use a drop of his blood. His blood seeped inside the sealed box, and at the very next moment, a mysterious connection was established between the box and Vincent.

Through that connection, he was able to open the sealed box, and he then saw the content inside of the box.

"What the... it doesn't have anything I imagined!"

Contrary to his expectations, Vincent saw only two things.

The first was the precious Medal of Honor.

This was an army medal rewarded only to those who made great contributions in the war against the Darkin. It is created by the most talented Esoteric Engineer of the Earth Federation by using rare metals and many inscriptions as raw materials.

According to the Earth Federation laws, those who possess the medal of honor would have a status equal to the nobles of the Earth Federation. However, it didn't provide much benefit. At the age of 16, if he failed to pass the military academy examination then the federation will provide him access to sufficient resources every month until he is 18 years old.


Thereafter, he will have to perform his mandatory duty. He will be enlisted in the army training regiment before he is sent to fight against the Darkin.

Due to the war, every commoner and noble is to be conscripted into the military at the age of 18. In contrast, slaves didn't enjoy such a privilege. They are thrown into war whether they are willing or unwilling at a moment's notice.

There was another major difference between peoples of different statuses.

At least, a commoner and noble needs to perform 10 and 2 years of service respectively before they can discharge. However, most slaves fight till their last breath as only some are lucky to survive long enough to perform meritorious deeds, being granted the status of a commoner that allows them to discharge from the army after ten years of service.

'I only needed to serve in the military for 2 years as the medal of honor grants me the privilege of a noble, but I don't want to live a life like that. I must participate in the examination next year and join the military academy.'

To become strong as fast and as soon as he can. This was a necessary part of Vincent's goals. To fulfill his dreams, he must join the military academy.

The pros of joining the military academy outweigh the cons, also.

First, he will have easier access to resources after joining the military academy.

Second, he will be able to teleport to bases established in various worlds with monsters that give unique evolution material. Consuming evolution material obtained from unique monsters awakens rare and special abilities. A special ability was far powerful compared to a normal ability.

Lastly, he'll be able to climb the ladder of hierarchy as he performs meritorious deeds.

"All in all, becoming stronger would become easier and faster. For now, let's see what this envelope contains."

Vincent's eyes blinked once as he shifted his gaze to the other item. Except for the medal of honor, the second thing that was stored inside the box was an envelope.


The name of his father was written upon it.

He quickly took it out from the box and opened it up. Vincent obtained a scarlet pendant and a letter from the envelope. He placed the letter on the wooden table and examined the pendant for a while.

"What is this?" Vincent could see a holographic screen inside the crystal.

Holographic devices were the norm now, but it was still shocking to see a holographic screen inside a crystal. He looked intently at the holographic screen and made out the words written on it.

"Character screen."

As he said those words, a ray of light shot out from the red crystal and projected a screen right before his eyes. He saw a semi-transparent light screen in front of him.

Vincent tried to suppress his shock and looked at the screen with astonishment.

‹Usage approved. Displaying Vincent Sangue Current Status.›

‹User: Vincent Sangue›

‹Race: Human›

‹Traits: Cold Mind›

‹Technique: Magic Resonating Eyes, Body Empowering›

‹Battle energy: 12 units, Magic power: 14 units›

‹Specialty: Inscriptionist›

‹Level: 1›

‹Lv 1: 0/100 XP›

‹Hp: 14/14›

‹Strength: 17› ‹Stamina: 15› ‹Agility: 20› ‹Constitution: 15›

‹Evolution Cells in progress: None›

‹Cold Mind

Type: Passive

Effect: Calms the mind. Helps to think rationally in any situation›

‹Body Empowering

Level: 1

Type: Active

Cost: Battle energy

Effect: Strengthens the body's bones and organs. Gain the strength of a human (0.1 ton/100kg) for a minute for every 10 units of battle energy›

‹Magic Resonating Eyes

Type: Special

Level: 1

Creation Cost: 1 Magic Power per eye

Usage cost: 1 MP every minute

Effect: Creates precious eyes that explore the area within a 100-meter radius around the owner. The eyes can conduct individual scouting. The eyes resonate in the presence of items that can contain energy, also›

"It's like the status window in the games I used to play," Vincent said with mouth agape and eyes wide open.

‹New owner detected. Qualification Assessment… Approved. Complete the mission to become the rightful owner of Blood Evolution System›

‹Heritage Missions›

‹Kill a low-level beast: 0/1›


1: Instant assimilation with Blood Evolution System

2: Activation of Life Spell matrix›

"This is…"

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