《Blood Evolution System 》Chapter 4: Cloud Tower City


"Something out of place is there! It's better to check it out. Maybe it will lead to the secret basement." Vincent thought before heading towards his father's study room.

The Magic Resonating Eyes are famously used to locate treasures that can contain energy. As the eyes react wildly if such treasures are nearby. Thus this ability has been classified as extremely useful. It can be used to scout dangerous places and track treasures.

After entering the study room, he saw the magic resonating eye continuously blinking while floating near a black bookshelf that was larger than the others. He curiously glanced at the bookshelf and decided to check it out, but he first performed hand signs to recall the rest of the energy resonating eyes. Then, by performing additional hand signs, Vincent converted the eyes into magic power before absorbing them inside his body.

"This will take some time."

He looked through the books one by one, but when he pulled out an old dusty book, the bookshelf started to tremble before it split to each side, revealing a normal grey wall.

Vincent drew his brows together. 'This wall must be it. The thing which caused the blue eye to resonate. I should try to see if there is a way to open it. There must be a secret mechanism somewhere. Otherwise, I will just shatter it.'


He placed his hand on the wall and all of a sudden, a cluster of symbols materialized upon the grey wall before they glowed in green color. Then, he noticed the wall sliding inwards.


The wall began to turn sideways, stirring up a cloud of dust. Then it stopped with a dull thud, revealing a dark pathway to Vincent.

The moment Vincent stepped inside, the "Light Orbs" affixed on each side lit up and illuminated the surroundings in bright white lights. Nowadays, Light Orb was a common household item. It could automatically activate and deactivate by absorbing sun rays, magic power, electricity, and other sources of energy, and that too all with their owner's commands.


He saw a spiral staircase heading downwards. Vincent walked down the stairs and reached the secret basement. The basement didn't contain anything, however. Only a single small vault was placed upon a raised platform.

"This might contain the mobile teleporter!" He walked up to the vault and tried to open it, but realized that it needs a password.

He tried a series of passwords but none of them worked. Then, Vincent thought back to what his father said years ago. His father had said that he uses his birth date for all his passwords. Vincent was an only child and the pearl of his parent's eyes, and also his father's precious champion, after all.

His eyes brightened!

"My birth date might be the password!" Vincent exclaimed before typing in his birthday, and the next moment, the vault released a green light.

‹Correct password›

‹The vault has been opened!›

Inside the vault laid a normal-looking mobile-like device, but it was far from normal.

'Maybe this is the mobile teleporter? I wonder how it works,' Vincent thought as he suddenly received a notification from the red pendant.

‹Greater Portable Teleporter

Useable: 1/10 times

Battery: Low energy level.

Details: Once activated, the teleporter absorbs the required amount of energy to teleport a person to the pinpoint location. Requires 10 seconds to charge up›

"What's this?"

Vincent shockingly grasped the necklace and stared at it.

‹Blood Evolution System Spell Matrix: Appraisal›

A monotone voice resounded in his mind before a semi-transparent screen opened in front of him.

[ Appraisal

Type: Auxiliary

Effect: Allows the owner to identify the targeted item. Besides showing a target's vital statistics, this spell matrix will even tell you about the in-depth details of an item. ]

"Just what are you?"

He tried to probe the crystal for more information.

‹You can call me the Blood Evolution System. I am communicating with you through the heirloom. The rest can not be explained.›



‹The owner lacks the authority to obtain more information. Assimilate with the blood evolution system to gain authority.›

A mysterious flicker could be seen in Vincent's eyes, and his lips thinned into a smile.


Vincent hid the necklace under the two layers of his shirt. Then, he proceeded by picking up the portable teleporter placed inside the vault.

"Before I leave my home, I should get some useful items."

His parents regularly deposited money into his account. Moreover, he also had some training resources, and although they weren't evolution materials, they're still useful to increase his strength.

Vincent stored a few necessary items he needed; five core filled with magic power, some thousand federation dollars, and a portrait of his parents made out of wood inside a backpack before wearing it, and he then activated the teleporter by simply tapping on the red button at its center.

The portable teleporter shook vividly, and then ten seconds later, a spatial disturbance occurred. Immediately the world around him began warping when suddenly, his figure blurred out of existence.

A buzzing sound rang in Vincent's ears. His mind felt like it was spinning and a nauseating feeling enriched him, but then after a few seconds, the buzzing sound ended.

When Vincent opened his eyes, he found himself in a dark alley. Stepping out of it, he appeared right before the orphanage of Old Miller. There were rows of buildings and shops too, but the most noticeable thing was a tall unending crystal tower that stood in the middle of the city.

In the distance, an enormous crystal tower rose into the sky, where it disappeared inside a massive, blue portal. The tower was the pride of Cloud Tower City, as it led to the entrance of the world's connecting expanse, a unique place whose spatial tunnels connect with the exotic world of Lorena.


The world's connecting expanse reflecting in Vincent's eyes contains a world of its own, and it includes massive tracts of land that are inhabited by many beasts and distinct races.

From what he knows, humans and demi-humans have set up dozens of bases and created hundreds of safe zones in the world's connecting space, as the tracts of land inside this world stretch thousands of miles far and wide, and there was a lot of area for everyone to accompany without waging an internal war against one another.

Furthermore, in certain regions of this world, there are spatial tunnels that lead to the world of Lorena.

The world of Lorena is mainly dominated by elves, and a lot of subspecies can also be found in this world, as well as various unique evolution resources that can only be found in this world. For the sake of obtaining these unique evolution materials for their selves, the humans craved a path with their weapons, killing tens of thousands of beasts that like to prey on humans, demi-humans, and sub-species, and set up cities in the world's connecting space.

The purpose of setting up cities in the world's connecting space was to provide safe routes through which one can go from Earth to the world of Lorena and vice versa.

Ever since childhood, Vincent wanted to explore the world dominated by Elves. However, the world's connecting expanse could only be accessed by authorized military personnel, adventurers that have reached the rank of world traveler, and members of influential noble families.

He was far from all these...

"I have successfully made it to the Cloud Tower City, this will be a new beginning," Vincent said before stepping towards Old Miller's orphanage.

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