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Empresses of Pangaea: The Clash of Queens [ BOOK 1 ]

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Author: Type:Male
Eight empresses, eight empires, one connected world, and the thirst for power and structure.
Book 1 in the Empress of Pangaea Series.
. . .
In a world where Pangaea the supercontinent that has never separated, lives the system of queens and empresses that rule the supercontinent, Pangaea. The system consists of eight different empresses that rule eight different empires of Pangaea. In their kingdoms consist of warriors, councils, servants, and a harem that holds male concubines who serve them. Separate from the eight empresses of Pangaea there is a Queen Council of the Pangaea world, who work to keep peace and prosperity among the eight empresses in Pangaea, which was formed after the second Pangaea War 500 years ago. To be an successful empress in the world of Pangaea means to battle with the game of power, loss, and victory.
The newest empress emerging in the world of Pangaea is Rehema Eze. After the death of her mother Rehema Eze officially becomes the new empress of the African Lands and is thrown into the world of power, politics, adventure, magic, mystery, love, and betrayal as she founds out what the costs of being an empress is. As Rehema learns what it takes to become a good Empress for the sake of her family lineage and the African people, while she also battles for loyalty, within her own circle and finds love in her harem of men while building allies and enemies.
MATURE Story: Serious and Sensitive Themes/Topics, Strong Language, Sexual Content, and Graphic Violence. (18 +)
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