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The Darkest Temptation

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Author: Type:Female
*Mature Content Warning*
I rest both my hands against the table. "I'll go on another date with you, if you tell me one thing about yourself that no one else knows."
He's silent for a long moment, pondering my offer.
Eventually he quirks his fingers at me. "Lean closer."
Bracing myself against the table, I lean over it toward him, noting every detail about his face as I get closer. Every hair, every freckle. His beautiful is unimaginable.
His breath warms my skin, dancing over my ear as I dip my head toward him. Will he kiss me, and make good on my sinful thoughts?
His voice is like an erotic caress as he murmurs in my ear, "I'm a murderer."
She cannot escape him. On a blind-date, she unknowingly meets the most dangerous man to exist, and falls into his world of darkness and desire as both his mate, and his worst enemy.
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