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Severing Time & Space

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Wu Jian comes from a small clan eking out a living in the countryside. Despite being the clan heir, he is bullied for being cowardly and weak. In a world where the strength of a person's cultivation determines their lot in life, weakness is not allowed, and those who possess it are often stamped out.

But Wu Jian doesn't want to remain weak. He doesn't want to be a coward. He wants to be strong. Witness the rise of one young man who, with the help of his childhood friend, will face adversity, forge new bonds of love and friendship, and gain the strength needed to protect his loved ones and find meaning in his life.

It all begins here.

What to expect from this series:
-Cultivation System.
-A weak-to-strong protagonist.
-Slow-burn harem romance.
-Clan politics.
-Young masters who have eyes but are blind.
-Overpowered battles. Eventually.
-War. Eventually.

Chapters will be posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
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