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Spirits of Eternity(A cultivation story based on spirits)

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Author: Type:Male

There are many after Liv, for what she can do. Spirits flock to her and help her, while the rest of the world captures them and uses their power with abandon. Liv set forth to find the truth behind her parents’ death, after their final message. After hearing their voice, Liv was offered a decision. Live safely, or be the best. Just like someone from the past, Liv decided to step towards strength.

The magic system in this world is based on a few types of energy: Note(for Songs), Will(for Thought), Mana(for ordinary magic, because I felt like it), what is referred to as 'energy' here(for talking to spirits), and Dominion(for Aura).

This is still a work in progress. Any suggestions are welcomed. This and my other work, Monsters as Men, are set in the same world.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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