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Ticket to Verona ✔️

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Author: Type:Female
"You, Aria, are like a piece of music that I could listen to, over and over again, and never get tired of hearing."
Aria Remington was sitting alone in an empty airport gate waiting for her flight home when she first met Leonardo. Little did she know what she was getting herself into.
Leonardo Romano is the Capo of the Italian mafia and never shows any emotion, weakness or care in anyone.
Until he met her.
But was he selfish enough to bring her into his world?
She was here. Right here.
She didn't hear me come through the door, too engrossed in the book she was reading. I could hear her humming along to a song, similar to the way we first met.
I walked right up to the desk, a gentle smile on my face. She still hadn't realised that I was there so I cleared my throat.
"Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry, how can I help-" she looked up and she froze. Once it had sunk in, she smiled the biggest smile I have ever seen.
"Leo!" She leaned over the desk and tried to give me a hug but because I was so tall, she only ended up hugging my torso.
"Hello, amore."
Started- 10/3/22
Ended- 29/7/22
#1 - loving {12/7/2022}
*contains strong language and some violent scenes*
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