《Lovely Family》CHAPTER FIVE


Entering their house "Did you have fun Gabe?" "Yeah thank you Ale." she hugged him and sent him to take a shower.

"Ma! donde estas?" She called out for her mom she went to the kitchen "Hola mama ya llegamos."

English translation: (Mom! Where are you?") (Hey mom we're back.)

"Como les fue?" Maria asked stirring the food she was cooking. "Bien mama los niños se divirtieron." Alejandra rested her head on her mom's shoulder.

English translation: Maria- (How did it go?) Alejandra- (Good mom the boys had fun.)

Taking a breath in she took advantage of the fact they were alone "Mom te tengo que decir algo." Her mom began cutting Onion and asked her to cut the lettuce and tomatoes. "Dime te escucho."

English translation: Alejandra- (Mom I have to tell you something.)

Maria- (Go ahead I'm listening.)

Alejandra began cutting the lettuce "Ayer en la fiesta conocí a un muchacho y nos quedamos de ver nos mañana." She decided it was best not to mention today's events to her mom.

English translation: (At yesterday's party I met a guy and we agreed on seeing each other tomorrow."

"Mañana? A que hora?" she asked Alejandra answered "En la mañana alas 12, no quedamos de vernos en un restaurante para almorzar juntos."

English translation: Maria- (Tomorrow? What time?)

Alejandra- (In the morning at 12 we agreed to get lunch together at a restaurant.)

"Okay y esta guapo es buen muchacho?" her mom pried. Alejandra just wanted her to know and leave but she couldn't. "Si mama es buen .. muchacho y guapo."

English translation: Maria- (Okay and is he handsome is he a nice young man?)

Alejandra- (Yeah mom he's a nice.. young man and handsome too.)


"Esta bien yo creo en tu juicio." Alejandra nodded but didn't carry the conversation anymore and remained silent.

English translation: (Alright I believe in your judgment.)

After dinner she excused herself from the table and said goodnight to her mom and went to her room and laid down in her bed staring at the ceiling feeling guilty for not telling her mom everything then her phone chimed.

Hey love what are you doing?

'what do I call him? I don't like baby or babe *gags* shoot what do I call him?' She debated in silence.

Hello Mr.Grey 😏 I just finished family dinner and came to my room. What are you doing?

I just put Sam to bed. I was actually thinking about you can I call you?

'He wants to call me! Okay calm down. I'll go outside where no one can hear me. Don't show him you're nervous and handle this like the mature woman you are so call him first.'

-Matthew calling...-

: "Hey Mr.Grey." She nervously said

: "Hey love I missed hearing your voice." Alejandra put her fist in her mouth and tried to calm down.

: "Oh god I can't do this." she whispered

: "What's wrong love?"

: "Yes... its just that hearing your voice makes me nervous."

: He laughed and his laugh sounded deep sexy too. She bit her arm "If my voice makes you this nervous then what do my touches do to you?"

: "Honestly?" she said seriously

: "Yes love the truth."

: "My heart beats fast so fast it's hard for me to breathe. I feel like I'm melting with a single touch. and when you kiss me I never want to stop. But when you look into my eyes I get lost in your eyes and in that moment I feel like throwing away all my principles and..." She sighed not daring to continue


: "....."

'This silence is killing me say something.' She thought.

: "....."

: "Love?"

: "I'm here." she whispered

: "You drive me insane. If you knew what I thought whenever I touched you... What I want to do to you. I'm afraid I'd scare you away."

'SHOOT that's so hot. No I can't do this calm yourself.'

: "oh I um... Sam!" she blurted out

: "Pardon me?" he asked confused

: "SAM! yes let's talk about Sam."

: He laughed in his deep and sexy laugh "Alright love ask away."

: "Do you think he'll like me? What if...?"

: "Love do you want to know what Sam talked about during his bath time and before going to bed?"

: "What did he talk about?"

: "You. Sam kept thinking about the in his words -pretty nice lady-. My love I believe Sam fell for you."

: she laughed "Really?"

: "Love he saw us kissing and he asked if you were going to be his mom."

'Alejandra felt like something fell down in her stomach and she couldn't get any words out.'

: "........."

: "Love, are you there?"

: "So that's why he waved me goodbye."

: "Sam waved you goodbye?"

: "Yeah when you were leaving."

: "He must really like you my love."

: "I'm glad because I have taken an interest to his dad."

They talked for 3 hours before ending the call and going to sleep.

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