《Lovely Family》CHAPTER FOUR


Alejandra squealed "Oh my! What the hell. Oh I can't believe what just happened everything felt like a blur."

"Hey siri call mom." -Calling Mom home- "Bueno." -Maria

"Mami ya voy para la casa." Alejandra calmly let her mom know.

"Okay te vienes con cuidado." -Maria

"Si mama vete a dormir ya mañana platicamos."- Alejandra

"Okay pon cuidado Dios te acompañe bye."- Maria

"Si mama gracias bye te amo goodnight."-Alejandra

"Yo también te amo goodnight."- Maria

-Call ended-

English translation: Maria - (Hello)

Alejandra- (Mom I'm on my way home.)

Maria- (Okay be careful on the road.)

Alejandra- (Yes mom go ahead and sleep We'll talk tomorrow.)

Maria- (Okay be careful may God be with you bye.)

Alejandra- (Yes mom thank you goodnight I love you.)

Maria- (I love you too goodnight.)

Alejandra had to think about what to tell her mom. She wasn't used to keeping secrets from her mom and when she did she felt guilty and got anxiety until she suppressed those feelings and keep her secrets shut.

'Mom I'm sorry but I can't tell you just yet.' Alejandra arrived home and sat in the garage thinking about the handsome widower she met.

She sighed shaking out her thoughts and took a shower and went to sleep.


Matthew's drive home was longer since Alejandra's job was on the opposite side of the city. Matthew lived out of the city in his ranch. However he didn't mind taking her to her job since he understood she needed her truck for the weekend.

Entering in his password at the gate they opened and he went in with the gates closing as he passed through. His house was quite large for just him and his son, but maybe that'll change soon. He smiled at the thought of the Spanish woman he met.

Matthew wouldn't be letting anyone know about Alejandra just yet not until they both decided to keep seeing each other. He went inside his house and called his mom Alice "Hey mom how's Sam?"

Alice-"Ate dinner, played, took a bath, watched toy story, and went to bed. The same as always Matt. Did you go out Brayden called me saying you left the party."

Matthew gathered his clothes to take a shower "Alright mom I just wanted to know how Sam's day went. Yes I left the party I didn't want to be there anymore."

Alice- "Matt you are not getting any younger and Sam needs a mother figure, get out there and meet a good nice woman."

Matthew sighed "Yeah momma I'll keep that in mind have a goodnight."

Matthew took a shower and went to bed.


Alejandra lived with her parents and shared a room with her little sister. Her house was a 3 bedroom home one for her parents, a bedroom for the boys, and the other for the girls. Her house was big considering it only had 3 bedrooms.

She woke up and stretched she grabbed her phone and went to the bathroom. She read her daily bible passage and brushed her teeth. Returning to her bed she was about to check her messages when her little brother came in.

"Hey Gabe." She put down her phone and opened her arms for her 9 year old brother to climb into bed with her. Gabriel snuggled into her chest and she giggled patting his head "Hey buddy how did you sleep?"

His voice was muffled "Good, where you last night. I wanted to sleep with you but you weren't here." Alejandra felt bad "I'm sorry buddy I went to the beach and forgot the time. Hey want to go to the park today? Then we can go get some ice cream."


Gabriel's face beamed "When?" Alejandra smiled "Let's go at 3." he grabbed her phone to check the time "It's 9:27 Okay" he said and left.

She unlocked her phone and checked her messages her stomach filled with millions on butterflies and she smiled at the message she read:

Good Morning how did sleep?

Her sister noticed Alejandra smiling and quietly squirming in her bed "I want to see aver (Let me see)." her sister snatched the phone from Alejandra "Who's Matthew?"

Alejandra groaned getting up "Don't tell anyone. Promise me and I'll tell you." they pinky promised and sat on her bed "Okay so I met this really hot guy at a party last night and we talked and exchanged numbers."

Her sister Diana squealed "Oh my gosh! Finally! You're going to get married and move out then I'll have my own room!" Alejandra's smile fell and she rolled her eyes "Seriously nana."

Her sister Diana let out a guilty chuckle "I'm kidding. Is he hot? How old is he? What is he?Did you kiss?" Alejandra laughed shushing her sister "Nana lower your voice I haven't told mom. Yes he is hot, he's White and we did kiss."

Diana narrowed her eyes and questioned her sister "How old is he that you won't tell mom." Alejandra gulped and whispered "33" Diana opened and closed her mouth "Well if you like him then it's fine. Don't worry I won't tell mom."

Diana understood her sister. Since she too liked guys a little older than her but not such a big age gap like her sister.

Diana got up to walk to the kitchen and Alejandra ran up to her sister slapping her butt and ran off to to hide behind her mom. Alejandra kissed her mom's cheek "Buenos dias mama como amaneciste."

English translation: (Good morning mom how did you sleep?)

"Buenos dias bien y tu?" Maria greeted. "Bien mama gracias." She sat down to eat pancakes her mom had made. While her Mom and Diana talked Alejandra suddenly remembered and screamed in her head 'MATTHEW.'

English translation: Mom- (Good morning good and you?)

Alejandra- (Good mom thank you.)

Alejandra thanked her mom for breakfast and washed her plate and went to her room. 'I forgot to text him back its 10:11 am he's going to think I left him on read.' she quickly replied back.

Good Morning I slept well thank you! How are you and Sam?

She remembered he showed her a picture of his son and so she asked about him too.

I'm good I came to pick him up just now from my parents house. What are you doing today?

I'm taking my brother out for the day. What about you guys?

I'm spending the day with Sam. Do you have time tomorrow to go on a date with me?

Alejandra put her hand over her mouth to stop herself from screaming and she smiled like crazy.

I would love to go on a date with you. Where should I meet you?

Matthew was at his mother's house fixing her fence when he got a message notification and saw it was Alejandra he smiled when her name appeared on his phone screen.

I could pick you up.

No, I prefer to meet you there.

Hera's Kitchen 1029 Daphne street. What do you think about having lunch there at 12?


I'll call you later?

I'd like that.

I have to get back to fixing my mother's fence but I'll call you later.



Matthew and Alejandra both smiled at their phones like fools in love.

Gabriel was shouting down the hall "Ale it's 3!"

When he was about to open her door she beat him to it and with a big smile she said "let's go"

Alejandra's' Outfit:

"Can we go pick up Jacob and Antony their moms said yes." Gabriel asked

"When did you ask?" Alejandra looked at him through the rear view mirror and Gabriel gave her a toothy smile "This morning when you told me we were going to the park." Alejandra laughed and shook her head "Hay Gabriel, vamos a recoger a tus amigos."

English translation: (Oh Gabriel, let's go pick up your friends."

"Hey guys vamos a comer primero what do y'all want to eat?" Alejandra asked the boys. It was too hot outside so she decided they needed energy to run around at the park so she was going to take them to eat.

English translation: (Hey guys let's go eat first what do y'all want to eat?)

The boys had a little meeting and said in unison "Pizza!". They ate pizza and played in the arcade by the time they left the pizzeria the sun had gone down a little and wasn't as hot.

She stopped by the store to buy snack and arrived at the Park at 5 "Go have fun boys." They got out the truck and ran to the play ground Alejandra grabbed her food bag where she bought cut fruit and cold water bottles for the boys. She sat a bench with the perfect view so she could watch the boys.


"Mom I finished fixing your fence, we'll be leaving now." He buckled Sam into his seat and went home to take a bath and take Sam on his play date at the park.

When they arrived at the park Matthew noticed a Dark gray Tahoe that looked like Alejandra's truck. He thought he was being silly thinking that could be her and walked with Sam in his hand to meet his play date. Sam pulled on his hand "John's over there dad." Sam went off to play.

Matthew noticed a woman sitting on a bench watching kids play. He got closer to her and said "Alejandra?"

Alejandra heard that voice the voice that turned her insides into fire with just one night of getting to know each other. His slight southern accent was honey to her ears and his body was candy to her eyes.

She turned to look at him "Matthew?" She got up and they hugged "What are you doing here?" She asked.

Matthew pointed at Sam "I brought him for a play date. What are you doing here? You have kids?" He asked not even trying to hide his curiosity. He forgot she said she was spending the day with her brother more like he didn't think her brother could be younger than her.

Alejandra laughed she thought 'If I don't know how to kiss how could I have kids?' She sat on the bench and then Gabriel and his friends came up to her "Ale can we have some water?" Alejandra put Matthew to the side and handed the boys their water. They quickly drank the water and handed it back to her before running off again.

Alejandra turned to look at a very confused Matthew "I brought my brother and his friends to the park originally it was just supposed to be me and Gabe but he invited his friends and I ended up being their chauffeur for the day." She laughed.


Matthew sheepishly smiled at the misunderstanding "I'm sorry I didn't mean-" Sam came running up to Matthew "Dad I'm thirsty." She noticed he didn't bring any water and she handed Matthew a bottle from her bag "Here." and smiled at the adorable blue eyed red head boy.

"Thank you." he accepted the water and opened the cap for Sam and he drank quickly giving it back to his dad and started to run off but stopped and ran back. He looked up at Alejandra and extended his hand "Thank you miss."

Alejandra smiled took his hand and shook it "Your welcome." He flashed her a smile and returned to play to his friend.

"He is very adorable." She said turning to look at Matthew who was already looking at her with little smirk on his lips.

"You look beautiful." he complimented her out of nowhere and taken aback she stuttered "Oh th-thank you." she blushed and broke eye contact.

Deciding to get it over with she asked what she had rehearsed in her head for years. To say to the man she would take interest in. "Tell me everything about you Matthew."

Matthew raised his eyebrows "What do you want to know?" and she answered still watching the boys "Everything about you."

Matthew nodded his head and turned her head with his hands to look at him. "I'm 33, my wife died when Sam was born, I'm an architect, I have a brother around your age. I haven't been interested in any woman since my wife died that was until I met you."

Alejandra bit her lip and nodded "Okay." Matthew asked "Tell me everything about yourself." Alejandra chuckled "Well I'm 20 soon to be 21, I'm single no kids, I'm a secretary, I have 3 younger siblings 2 brothers 1 sister, My first and last boyfriend was when I was 15 and I haven't dated since then."

Matthew frowned "That's not everything." Alejandra smirked "Well I asked you for everything about yourself yet you only gave me that. In return I gave you what you gave me."

Matthew nodded his head and pouted "Touché touché miss." She turned her attention back to the boys side eyeing him she said "So will you tell me everything about you from your likes to dislikes, your expectations, and principles?"

Matthew had never met a woman as mature for her age. He felt his heart skip a beat. "Only if you do the same miss." Alejandra shook his hand and said "Deal. You may begin."

Matthew laughed and shook his head "If I remarry I'm looking for someone who will love Sam as her own. I like someone comprehensive, great personality, likes kids.

I don't like people who are materialistic, egotistical, unjust, selfish, rude, manipulative, evil."

Alejandra got up and took his hand "I'm sorry give me just a moment." she walked to the three boys and patted one of the boy's head. Then they ran off to the restroom.

She came back and took out 2 large fruit bowls and plastic bowls. She apologetically spoke to him "Sorry It's just a really hot day and the boys need to keep hydrated. You didn't bring Sam any snacks?"

Matthew grabbed the back of his neck "Uh no I didn't." Alejandra smiled "Call him over let him eat some fruit pick his favorite and let him eat before going back to play."

Matthew studied her eyes, to her nose, to her lips and then back to her eyes before going to get Sam. "Hey Matthew make sure he washes his hands!" Matthew nodded and went to wash Sam's hands.


Gabriel and his friends sat a the table and waited until she told them to eat. Matthew came back with Sam and sat at the table. "Okay boys now you can eat." Gabriel and his friends thanked her and ate their cut fruit.

Matthew gave Sam his bowl of fruit and Sam said "Miss what is your name?" Alejandra handed him a napkin "Alejandra but you can call me Ale if you'd like."

Sam took the napkin "Thank you Ale." and he popped a grape into his mouth and brightly smiled. Matthew sat next to her and thanked her.

After they finished their snacks the boys went back to play leaving Alejandra and Matthew alone at the table. As she was cleaning up the table she said "My turn."

Matthew helped her and said "Pardon?" She smirked and continued "I never date just to date pointlessly I date to marry." Matthew sat back down and let her do her thing as he just observed and listened to her.

"I'm really weird or so says my family. I like reading books, I like cooking, I love listening to music, I like kids. I'm looking for a man I can settle down with. I don't tolerate lying, cheating, or keeping secrets. I believe you need communication, loyalty, trust, team work in a relationship."

Alejandra sat facing him looking into his eyes "I'm very special Matthew. I'm attracted to men older than me, I don't look at married or divorced men. I believe you can only have one partner for the rest of your life unless your spouse dies then only can you re-do your life. To me God comes first, second comes your spouse, third your kids, and forth you parents."

She paused "Are you following along?" Matthew stared into her eyes and nodded.

She smiled "I am a family person to me family is composed of my husband, kids, parents, siblings, and grandparents that's family to me."

"I never got along with my cousins, and my aunts and uncles talked badly about me and my mom so we cut ties with them. My dad left me when I was 7 and moved to Mexico with his new family. My stepdad and I only acknowledge each other's presence but we don't speak. I don't get along with my stepdad's family and I try do distance myself from my biological father's family."

Matthew was softly looking at her. He understood why she was so mature for her age. She bit her lip and sighed "I need you to ready yourself for what I'm going to say. This could determine whether you give us a try or not." He nodded and kept staring at her as she nervously fidgeted with her fingers.

"Oh boy. I want to wait to have sex until marriage. When I get married... I won't be using birth control my personal beliefs won't allow me to. However if my husband doesn't want kids he can use condoms."

"I have no problem with my partner having kids. I will love and treat them as my own before and after I have kids of my own. They will be my kids."

Alejandra looked down to her hands nervously awaited for a reaction from him. Matthew lifted her head up with his fingers and was centimeters away from her face.

He whispered while looking into her eyes "You're perfect." and kissed her. They pulled away and just looked at each other in silence.

She broke the comfortable silence "I take it you want me?" Matthew gave her a white smile and pressed his lips on her in a chaste kiss "That I do miss."

Alejandra placed her hands on his neck and pressed her forehead to his. "We may have a small problem." Matthew pulled away and frowned "What's wrong?" He asked caressing her cheek.

She breathed out "My mom she won't be happy with me seeing a widower that's 13 years older than me."

Matthew said "If this is about Sam-" Alejandra cut him off "No not at all she'll love Sam, but it's your age that I think she'll have a problem with."

This time Matthew sighed "I'll have the same problem. My mom won't be very happy with me seeing a 20 year old woman. She'll claim you're just a kid and I don't even want to know what my ex-in-laws will say."

Alejandra laughed "Looks like our elders will have a problem with our age except us." Matthew laughed too "Then it looks like they'll just have to learn to accept it."

Her laugh was replaced with a sweet smile and a tiny "Yeah."

"ALEJANDRA!" Gabriel called out to her causing her to turn around and see her brother walking to her "We want to go." She told them to go use the restroom and they'll leave to go get ice cream then drop them off at their houses.

Matthew stood up and placed a hand on her waist "Looks like our time is up." Alejandra smiled "Looks like it is." Matthew leaned in and whispered in her ear "Will you be my girlfriend?"

Alejandra closed her eyes feeling his lips grazed her ear and his breath fan her ear. She placed her hands on his chest and pulled away to look into his eyes. She placed her hand on his cheek and traced his mouth with her thumb. "I will. Do you Matthew want to be my boyfriend?"

Matthew copied her actions and traced her lips with his thumb "I do." and he kissed her. He looked up to see the restroom doors open he let her go and backed up he gave a love sick look "Your brother is coming. I'll see you tomorrow my love."

Alejandra felt her stomach in a knotted butterfly mess with his kisses but when he called her my love her lower region tickled.

Matthew walked away and picked Sam up "Let's go bud." he turned to wink at her and walked away with Sam in his arms and Sam waved goodbye at her.

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