《In Five Years》Chapter 28


I ended up taking her to this little cafe I love that's about five minutes from campus. I come here for coffee sometimes, but we both decide on hot chocolate since it's so cold out. I feel bad since I don't have a car here and have to walk, but Maddie seems as happy as ever.

We finish our hot chocolate as we talk about everything we missed out on over the years. Our terrible professors, classes we loved and hated, and the entire time I talk she listens intently, like she's been dying to hear about this for years.

Maybe she has.

Her cheeks and nose are still flushed from the cold outside, looking as cute as ever in her pink beanie and huge puffer jacket.

"So, what did you have planned for the rest of the night?" She asks. "Did you want to stay in and watch movies or something?"

Leaning across the table, I grab her hand with mine and start to draw circles around it. "Well..." I trail off with a mischievous grin. "I was thinking we could do something a bit more exciting."

"Such as?" She arches a brow, clearly intrigued.


So, a death metal concert isn't something she had on her agenda tonight, but I needed to bring her here. Devin is playing at this old bar we've got near campus, and I want her to have the college experience she missed out on. I want her to have as much fun as possible.

It's so cloudy from all of the smoke in here, and as I clutch her hand in mine I weave us in and out through the thick crowd to try and find a way to the front. We clearly don't fit in. All the tattoos and piercings on everyone around us are intimidating, their confused glances making me even more insecure as we pass by.


Getting to the front is almost impossible, so instead I stop at the bar and order us some drinks. I suddenly realize I don't know what she drinks though. Turning to look at her, she smiles and says, "a dirty shirley temple."

I embed that into my brain as her favorite drink as I order it back to the bartender. The music is so overwhelming, the bass beating repeatedly into my ears.

Maddie looks good as ever in a red leather mini skirt and a black crop top, her tits straining against the fabric.

"Devin's band must be pretty good then?" She asks and nods towards the stage. "It's packed in here."

"I guess." I shrug. "I've only heard them a few times before. I never can understand what the hell he's even saying from all the screaming, but other people seem to like it."

She takes a sip of her drink, downing more than half of it. A part of me wonders if she's trying to forget about her dad. She said she didn't want to talk about it, so I'm not going to bring it up, but I can tell it's bothering her. I mean, why wouldn't it? I can't believe that Richard would do that to Mary.

"Hey, Cameron!" I hear a voice call my name, and as I glance towards the stage I see Devin's head poking out from the curtain. "You guys can come back here."

"Oooh. Special treatment." Maddie grins, downing more of her drink as I take her hand again and pass the two security guards.

It's even louder back here if that's even possible. Devin shows us to his dressing room where there's about five different guys I've never seen before. This must be the band.


They all have heavily applied eyeliner on with pale faces, and if I didn't know they were in a band I'd think they were in some sort of cult. I analyze one of the guys spiked chokers, gulping loudly as Maddie pushes her way into the room and smiles.

"Hi. I'm Maddie." She says confidently. "It's nice to meet you guys. I'm excited to hear you play."

"You are?" One of the guys asks and leans back into the black leather couch, letting his eyes drag over her body. "Didn't think your type was into this music sweetheart."

I narrow my eyes at the nickname he gives her, but Maddie ignores it.

One of the other band mates is filming himself on what looks to be instagram, drinking some sort of liquor while he sways back and forth to the music.

"Well, I don't listen to death metal, but I'm going to give it a try tonight. Cameron here is giving me the full college experience tonight. One I haven't really gotten."

"Ah, so you're going to get wild, then?" His eyes become alive with humor, but I quickly clear my throat from the obvious flirtation.

"Not too wild." I clarify.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a little container. Inside is a plastic baggie filled with a white substance. Devin gives me a look as if to apologize.

"Want some?" The guy flirting with Maddie stares at her again after he's created a line, awaiting her answer. "You said you wanted to get wild, right?"

He passes her the container and she eyes it warily, bringing her gaze to his again. "What is it?"

"Oxy." He shrugs. "It'll definitely get you high. You've done weed before, right?"

She shakes her head.

"Oh, shit. Really? Well this will definitely get you high then."

I know Maddie, and I know she's not going to take oxy. She may be wild, but she's not that-

Immediately interrupting my thought process, Maddie leans down before I can stop her and snorts the entire line.

"Mads, what the hell?" I ask. I'm too in shock to be angry as she wipes away the remainder of the powder from her nose and shrugs.

"I want to be crazy for a night." She grins. "I want to forget."

"Cameron, I'm sorry, man." Devin says and sends a dirty look towards the guy on the couch. "I didn't know he had any, and If I did then-"

"It is what it is." I shrug, mostly because I don't want to be controlling over Maddie, and I can't change what's been done. It's not like she's an addict. I'd prefer her not do it, but she wanted to try it. The last thing I want to do is yell at her and push her away when she's in a bad state.

"Alright, well we're about to go on." Devin opens the door back up to the dressing room. "Will you stay for the after party?"

Maddie starts to giggle and falls down onto the couch, a permanent smile plastered to her face from the high she already has.

"Let's wait and see how she does before I tell you yes or no." I chuckle.

God, it's going to be a long night.


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