《Two Brothers》Chapter 22


It's been four months since my unexpected wedding. I was becoming normal again. Even though I couldn't forget her completely, it was not hurting like before. I again started hanging out with friends. We went to clubbing partying etc. Things were becoming normal again. I hope I will get over it soon.

But sometimes I do wonder what she will be doing. How is she now? Where is she now? Is she in any trouble? Does she remember me like I remember her? I tried searching in almost all social media platforms, but I couldn't find any one named Aami with the face I wanted to see. Who in this century don't have a profile in any of the social media networking sites? I sighed. Does that marriage mean something to her? I think it meant nothing to her. Otherwise she wouldn't have left me like that right. I sighed. Stop thinking about her, Sid. You have to get over her. I reminded myself.

"Siduuu." I heard the irritating high pitched voice. Oh god not again. I covered my face with my both hands. I removed my hands when I heard the footsteps nearing me. Sakshi, Sakhi Bakshi, my mom's best friend Mrs Aneesha Bakshi's daughter. We both knew each other from childhood. But the thing is I can't stand her for long. She is the perfect example of spoilt brat. She can't be seen without branded clothes and accessories.

Sighing I looked up. Sakshi was standing in front of me wearing a tight jeans shorts and a green tank top under a white opened up shirt. Her round black googles resting on top of her head and a Christian Dior cannage tote hanging in her left hand.

"Hi. Siduu. I came yesterday to see you but your secretary told me that you were in a meeting. So today i came early before you start working." She said cheerfully.


"Sid. Call me Sid Sakshi. How many times should I tell you don't call me Sidu?" I asked irritately.

"But I like Sidu more. You too liked it when I called you before. What happened now?" She asked with a puppy face.

"That was when we were kids Sakshi. We are adults now. Try to behave like one. Why did you come here?" I asked without interest.

She frowned. "I came to invite you for my tomorrow's birthday party. And I want you to come with me today to select my gown for the party." Her smile widened.

"Sorry Sakshi. I can't make both of them. Ved is not here and I have a lot of work to complete. So please leave now and don't waste my time." I said roughly. Her eyes started to water. Uff, this girl.

"But you promised me previous year that this year you will attend my birthday. Your mom only told me that if I come and invite you personally you will come." Her eyes were wet now. P

Oh god. Mom. My mom can be really annoying some times. I don't know why but she always try to make both of us close. She deliberately created situations before also so that we both spend time together. Why can't she understand that I don't see her like that? She is my friend from childhood and she will always remain like that. But these women seem to not understand a thing.

How do I escape from this? I was thinking of a way. At once the door opens and Josh came in. Hey, Sid, I..." he stopped seeing Sakshi. "Am I interpreting something?" he asked with a questioning look.

"Oh yes, you always do that." Sakshi replied annoying.


"Sakshi." I warned her to behave. She sighed and looked at me. "So are you coming tomorrow or should I call Aunty?" she asked threatening.

I looked at Josh and signalled for help. First he looked at me confused and then he understood the situation. "Ah-hmm, Sid, you cant go tomorrow. You have a dinner meeting with a few clients." Josh told.

"Oh yeah, yes, I forgot. See Sakshi I told you right. Without Ved I am really busy. Don't worry I will talk with mom. Sorry Sakshi. I will make it up to you some other time. And advance happy birthday." I rose from the chair and walked towards her and gave her a side hug. She gave a small smile and hugged me back.

"Ok then. I will take the leave now. Bye. Love you." She said smiling and went outside.

"You should have said yes dude. It is her birthday. You know she likes you right. She might be hurting." Josh said seriously.

"Then you should also know that I don't love her like that Josh. She is my friend. I can't see her like anything else." I said firmly.

"So why did you just barged in earlier." I questioned.

"Oh that. You know that Natasha has resigned and will be leaving by next week right. So you asked me to find a new assistant for you. Well I did the interviews and selected one. She has come to join this week so that she can learn from Natasha before she leaves." Josh said.

"Ok good. She better learn fast before I return from our vacation next week. Because, Natasha was one of the best assistant I could have. So I don't want anyone below that" I said seriously.


"I knew that. I bet, this one won't disappoint you. She is rookie but she is a smart one. I really liked her during the interview." Josh said with confidence.

"Wow. You look so confident. Fine. Call her in." I said.

"Sure. I have sent her resume to your mail. Check it. I will bring her inside." Josh said and left.

I sat on the cushioned leather chair and checked my mail. I opened the last mail send to me by Josh with my new assistant's resume. I opened it.

Priyadarshini Ranganath. Hmmm. The name seems a little long.

Age 21.

From Bangalore.

Oh wow she is B.A. Journalism and Mass Communication Graduate. Looks good, might be Josh was right. I was looking at more details in the resume, when I heard Josh calling my name.

I looked up and saw a small figure wearing a black slack, white shirt and a black blazer. And then my eyes fell on her face.

I felt my breathing stopped. Am I dreaming? I pinched myself. Ouch!! No it's not a dream. It's real. I looked at her face again.

It was the same face I have been searching for months. The same face which appears in my dreams everyday for the last four months now.

"Aami." Her name left my mouth without my knowledge.

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