《Two Brothers》Chapter 21


It's been one week. One week since my ex-husband tried to assault me and I was absent for work without any notice. But my father never asked what happened. He never bothered calling me to check upon me. My mother called once to remember me that I don't forget to book my father's appointment. That's it. The only person who cared about me was Kavya. She even came back in the night after closing her boutique, when I told her that she can leave and that I can take care of myself. She knows about my nightmares. She came with me for my counselling sessions. She strictly told the apartment security to not allow Karan to visit me again. She suggested to go to police station but I know it will piss off my father. So I didn't do it. She was a little upset about it but let it pass. What if my family doesn't care, I am blessed to have friend like her.

I felt a little better after my session with my doctor. But still I am not able to sleep without the pills. And today I am going back to work after one week. I locked my apartment door. I stared at the opposite door for a second before entering into the elevator. He didn't come and knock the door after that day in the park. I know I was harsh on him for telling that, but I couldn't control myself. I needed someone to let out my anger and he happens to be with me. I know it was not his fault that Karan is trying to enter into my life but somewhere down in the heart I too felt what Kavya said was right. If he never showed up Karan must be still out of the picture. My father won't be asking me to do the sacrifice. But I know I should not let them play with my life anymore. I have to take control of my life. I have made enough sacrifices.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before getting out of the car. I slowly walked into the hotel. I straightened my shirt. I was wearing a blue jeans red shirt and a black blazer. The receptionist greeted me with a smile. I nodded to her in response. When the lift reached my floor I got out and walked towards my office. What will father say today? How can I convince him to look for another way to get back the shares? I have to find a solution. I was in deep thinking that I didn't notice that there were people sitting inside my office.

"Aha. Finally you are here. Do you know what time it is? What took you so long?" I heard my father's voice. I looked up and saw there were five people inside my office. They were seated on the sofa placed on the other side of the room. My father and two of our legal attorneys were seated on the long one, Mr. Aryan was sitting on the other and Karan was sitting opposite him. They both were looking at each other like they want rip each other's neck. They both looked at me when my father mentioned my entry. Karan was giving me that predator look. Why is he here? I felt the fear coming back to me. The night before one week start rushing into mind. I immediately looked away. Mr. Aryan had a angry look on his face.


"What are you all doing in my office?" I asked.

"Well. You come and sit. Then we will discuss." My father said.

I slowly walked without looking at Karan and sat on the single chair left empty. "So, now can you tell me why am I here waiting for almost one hour?" Mr. Aryan asked irritate.

I was also wondering the same. What is my father planning now? Why did he bring this monster in here?

"Well Mr. Aryan you said that you will sell me the shares if I could pay you 5 times the market rate and I have found a buyer to make the deal possible. Mr. Karan Kohli will buy the shares for now from you and after our agreement is done he can transfer it to me. So if you don't mind can we discuss the terms and conditions?" my father asked as if he is going to win a lottery.

How could he do this to me? He didn't even bother to ask me before he decided this. What am I to him? Just a plaything, like he can use me whenever he want and throw away like nothing. Well I am not going to do that again. I felt angry. I was about to shout at him but was silenced by a husky voice.

"Oh yeah, the agreement like if you give your daughter to this monster as price. Are you even her father? Do you know what this son of a bitch did to her last week?" Ved asked mockingly.

"That is none of your business." Karan said angrily.


I was shocked by the sudden outburst. The murderous look he gave to Karan made him glup and he shut his opened mouth. His face became pale. My father and the attorneys were also startled.

"Mr. Varma. Hear it loud and clear I am not going to sell the shares. Not now not ever. Not after, what you did to her. I know how filthy you can be. I know how you betrayed my family but, her? She is your own flesh and blood. You are disgusting." He said and stormed out of the room.

My father was spell bound. No one talked. My father's head was hung down. He didn't look at me. He stood up and walked towards the door, everyone else followed. I left the breath I was holding. I was relieved. At least he can't blackmail me into marrying that monster anymore. But I have to find some way to end this rivalry. Otherwise he will not hesitate to make me a scape goat again.

The rest of the day was drama free. I was scared that Karan must show up from somewhere. But nothing happened. I left the hotel By 6.00 pm.


I was cutting vegetables to make soup, when I heard the bell rang. I gasped with fear and cut my finger. I was afraid that monster came back. I covered my finger with a tissue and slowly walked towards the door. The bell rang again. With heavy breaths I reached the door, but this time I made sure that I look through the peephole first.

I sighed in relief. It was Mr. Aryan. Why is he here at this time? I opened the door with a confused face. "Hi." He said

"Hey. Hmm.. What brings you here?" I asked.

"Uhmmm... I want to discuss something with you. May I come in?" He asked softly.

I nodded my head in yes and opened the door for him. We walked towards the living room and he sat on the sofa and I took the chair opposite him.

"I, I am sorry for my behaviour in the morning. I shouldn't have shouted like that." He said.

I didn't say anything, I was looking everywhere but him. I didn't want to talk about anything related to that matter. "See. I am here to offer you a deal." He said after ignoring my silence. I looked at him in confusion.

"I know I am also responsible for your state ok. And it doesn't sit right with me. So I will leave your hotel and will transfer the shares to your name." He said seriously.

Creases were forming on my forehead. What is it with him now? Is this some kind of trap? Why did he suddenly change his mind? There were so many questions coming in my mind. I looked at him questioningly.

"I know you will have so many doubts but you can trust me on this." he said with assurance.

"I, I need some time to think." I said thoughtfully.

"Sure, Can you tell me by tomorrow? I know I am rushing but even though I want to forgive your father I am not able to forget what he did. So I don't want to give the shares to him. And I hope you wont do that either." He said.

I thought for some time. "Ok. I will let you know tomorrow in the office." I said.

"Hmm. Ok then. I will meet tomorrow at office." he said while standing up. I walked him out.

"Goodnight." He said. His eyes were holding some regret in them. They looked at me like they were asking me to forgive. I nodded and closed the door.

I called Kavya and told her about what Mr.Aryan said. She too had doubts but this was easier than dealing with Karan. I knew that now he got a hold on my dad he will try something new to get to me. So if I could get the shares from Mr. Aryan then I can stop my father from going to him for help. So we both decided to accept the offer which Mr. Aryan suggested.


The next day when I reached hotel I went straight to Mr. Aryan's office. I knocked and heard a come in voice. I entered into the room. He was sitting on the black leather chair and talking on the phone. He gave me a smile when our eyes met. "Ok. Sid. I gotta go. Catch you later." He said before ending the call.

"Please take the seat." He gestured.

I took the chair in front of him. "So what is your decision?" he asked seriously.

I sighed and said "Hmm. I, I will take the offer."

"Perfect." He sounded happy. I frowned.

"Hmm. You know that I don't want to lose to your dad. I was really hoping that you will take this offer." He said smiling. I nodded my head.

He took his phone and called his secretary to bring the documents. After 5 minutes he arrived with a brief case and two more people.

"Niharika this is my attorney Mr. Takur and Mr. Takur this is Niharika." He introduces me to one of the man.

"So shall we finish this soon?" the man named Mr. Takur asked. We both agreed. He gave me the transferring documents. I read the documents and gave back to Mr. Takur, He then handed it to Mr. Aryan he also checked the documents and then we both agreed to the terms and we both signed the documents.

"Niharika, it will take a little longer to transfer the shares. I have to complete a little work before it is transferred. It will be ready by next month. I will inform about it to the board during the annual board meeting. Can to keep it as a secret till then" Mr. Aryan said.

I nodded my head in understanding. I left office after saying goodbye. I was relieved that dad and Karan can't torture me with shares now. One more month, Harika. Your life will be peaceful again. I consoled myself.

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